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All About Me!
  1.   Hey Girls♥ This Is Club Memories Fade Like Photographs! And You're Invited. Looking For Fun?...Looking For Advice?...Looking For Music?....Friends?....Contests?..Then Join Our Club *Puppy Eyes*
  2.   Okay Just Fill This Out!! 1]Name 2]UserName 3]Grade 4]Want A Job 5]Where Did You Hear About This Club 6]Thanks
  3.   Yayyyy!!! You're A Part Of The Club! But What Now? V.V Look Down There Silly REMAING PARTS WILL BE FILLED WITH OTHER STUFF♥
  4.   SisterClubs:
  5.   Members: GlamGirlTeen | All-Star1998 | SweetGirl97 | MintyWonder22 | 25noodles |
  6.   Any Qs? 'HeyThereDollFacex' Is My Personal Profile, Or Leave A Comment Here With KAYTEE In It, And I'll Reply ASAP (:
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Vice Prez!-Thee Vice President Has To Be A Hard Working Person! Who Is Very Trustful and Has Had A Job HERE Before.I Say This Because I'll Give Them Thee Password And It Has To Be In Safe Hands|They'll Help Updating Articles and Well Tell Members If They Won Something
  2.   Music♥Fairy(2Pop/Alternative)-Writes Articles About Favorite Artists,New music And Works Wth The HealthHuntes To Mkae Playlist[may also make other playlists]
  3.   FashionLuver(2)- Articles About: New Fashion Cool Styles,Cool Trends,Stores And Clearance
  4.   Bloggers(AsManyAsPossible)- Bloggers Can Blog About AnyThing! You Have Totally Freedom Of Creativty!! But Your App Will Be Differnt So Ask Me For An App If Your Intrested! (:
  5.   MODS Of ____ (AsManyAsPossible) Like Thee Bloggers, There Will Be A Differnt App So Ask Me!! Mods Dont Only Awsner Q's They Make Sure EveryThing Posted On Here Is Approaite
  6.   Ready To Sign Up?! Name: Age: Why Do You Want this Job: What Would Make You A Better Worker That Other Girls? AnyThing Else?
  7.   SUMMER POLL (: Top 5 Fave Movies / Music For Summer (: When'd You Get Out Of School? What Kind Of Bathing Suit Are You Rocking? Do You Wear MakeUp Or Straighten Your Hair In The Summer? Any Summer Romance? Best Summer Book? Summer Drink? Summer Hang Out? (:
  8.   Leave Some Of Your 100 Things To Do htis Summer, You Can Put 10 Or 200 . I'll Add Em To That List With Your UserName By It
  9.   100 Things To Do This Summer: GlamGirlTeen [Aubrey] Watch Eclipse (Twilight Saga) Take a day to just relax with a good book and a glass of lemonade or iced tea. Go to the beach with friends Make a new friend Volunteer for a good cause Get a haircut that is not usual for you.(get bangs, go short, get highlights) Host a party Make a music video Pull an all-nighter with your friends Go to an amusement park Go mini-golfing Make a scrapbook Cook a meal for you and your family.
My Faves…
  1.   PUT THIS ON YOUR SUMMER PLAYLIST! : Stephen Jerzak, He's kinda like A Rocket To The Moon Mets NeverShoutNever! :DD He's Great For With Your Bffs At The Beach, And For Reading A Novel While Sipping Lemonade(:
  2.   HOTTOPIC: Concert Will You Be Going To One This Summer? Whose?
  3.   QUESTIONOFTHEDAY: Who's Your RoleModel?
  4.   CONTEST: Write A 3 Paragraph Essay (Or Longer) About Your Summer Or A Poem. It Must Be Orignal, But Doesnt Have To Be True(: ENDS- July 30th
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