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All About Me!
  1.   Pretty Girls Only Club!!!!!
  2.   I have positions of for people They go from- queen bee( me) Popular girls (Gottalovelaura, cheerfreak , kendall930 , twilightfreak105, sodahead101 , boycrushes oh_hello_its_clara ) princess(1st princess beauty4girls 2nd princess is foreverfades) Royal court (cottoncandypink, kutiekt, babygirlalway1999, dancingqueen14 and run2winn
  3.   and pg ( pretty girls) ( unlimited). You may be moved up in ranks or down depending on how much fashion makeup and boy advice you post
In A Nutshell...
  1.   rule 1- think before you act. You cant take back words
  2.   rule 2- always dress to impress ( they dont have to be expensive just stylish)
  3.   rule 3-pick your favorite sport and be friends with everyone on the team
  4.   rule 4- Find an entourage of girls and make them your crew and go nowhere without them
  5.   rule 5- wear great clothes, and always carry a large handbag stocked with gum magazines and other necesarry stuff ( gum is a great ice breaker with boys)
  6.   Winter is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Faves…
  1.   its time for you to start thinking about clothes makeup and hair for winter
  2.   One thing that never goes out of style in the winter is uggs.
  3.   They look great with everthing from jeans to a skirt and leggings
  4.   This winter get a simple coat. I like pea coats or Bella coats ( inspired by the black coat she wears in twilight)
  5.   Try getting a slightly matching hat scarf and glove set.
  6.   A super cute outfit for winter is a big tie cardigan the hits just below the but with with a plain long sleeve tee under
Style Sense
  1.   plain leggings, and cardigan style uggs ( i got mine from Marshalls for$ 49.99) all the way up.
  2.   Its simple, chic and super comfy
  3.   Schools almost here and we all need to study no matter how much it sucks. here are some tips
  4.   1. i dont know why this works but take your notes in colored pens ( if you're school allows it) there easier to look at rather then plain balck and blue
  5.   2. study with friends ( just dont get distracted)
  1.   3.take all your notes at school then type them on your computer, so they are built into your mind, also if you lose your notebook you dont lose your notes
  2.   Before i even start this section if you are a hater leave now!! !!!
  3.   Okay, this section is how to be popular, i cant always tell you to be yourself ( never lose your morals!!!!!!!!!)
  1.   1. dress nicely they dont have to be expensive forever 21 is good because the clothes are high end without the high end price tag
  2. nice theres no rule saying all popular girls have to be mean- but if a less popular person talks to you be nice but dont seem to interested
  3.   3. dont be afraid to talk to boys theyre human just like us so just talk about there interests and hobbies and joke around
  4.   4. eat right it helps your skin, it makes you feel better, and friends eat like other friends so dont encourage eating disorders!!!!!!!!! if you wanna lose weight dont starve yourself you'll only gain weight
  1.   New years Resolutions anyone? Here are some good new years resolution
  2.   Get healthier! Start off focusing on small things like eating healthier or exercising 3 times a week
  3.   Get better grades! Try focusing on one class a month, like january could be math and february could be science. Work to get better grades in those classes. ( dont forget about your other classes though)
  4.   Be popular! Try focusing on 1. Be nice to everyone 2. make friends with the more popular girls 3. be more stylish
  5.   <3 Olivia
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