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Soccerchamp13's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Taurus(my birthday's May 7th)
  2.   Nice,Clutzy and Athletic
  3.   7
  4.   Blue&Black(i know......bruise color's)
  5.   Jess(20) and Rachel(18)
  6.   Me!!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Basically All Of My Classes....so far that is....
  2.   Visiting my middle school!!!!
  3.   <3soccer<3,baseball and football(umm hello Hotties with nice bodies and abb's to match em',lol ;))
  4.   Talking for hours on the phone with friends, listening to my music and Texting my friend's on my cellphone
  5.   How can you pick??
  6.   They're always there for me!!
  7.   Subway
  8.   Im good at playing matchmaker
  9.   Maine
My Faves…
  1.   NCIS(tony danozo is so hott), Chuck, CSI, CSI:miami, Cold Case, General Hospital, The Principles Office(TruTV), and 8 Simple Rules
  2.   Step Up2the streets, Mean Girls, Georgia Rule, Stomp The Yard, Wolverine, He's Just Not That Into You, Maid Of Honor, In The Mix, Big Daddy, Monster In Law, Raising Helen, She's The Man, Sydney White, Miss Congeniality, Legally Blonde,The Proposal and 17 Again
  3.   ShineDown, Chevelle,Papa Roach,Linkin Park,The OffSpring,Theory Of A Deadman,Puddle Of Mudd,Nickelback, Lady GaGa,Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Akon and Kanye West
  4.   Lush, Speak, Catalist, Twisted, WinterGirls, Go Ask Alice, Handcuffs, Vampire kisses Series, Twilight book's, and The Tear's Of A Tiger Trilogy
  5.   RockBand,Tony Hawk games,and Grand Theft Auto
  6.   Amanada Bynes, Reese Witherspoon, Jenifer Lopez, Jennifer Anniston, Sandra Bullock and Kate Hudson
Style Sense
  1.   Briana Evigan(Step Up2)
  2.   PacSun,Zumiez,Hott Topic(band shirts) and Victoria's Secret
  3.   Mocha,Vanilla,Cupcake,*Vanilla Frosting*
  4.   Eye Liner,Mascara and the most important thing is A Mirror
  5.   My music
  1.   I have had around seven boyfriends but i dont really date anymore cause i always end up hurting somone in the end!!:(
  2.   David<33 and Nathen<3
  3.   My dream dude has blue eye's, an emo flip, a killer smile, a nice body(a.k.a he has muscle and a nice tone), he plays football(sporty guy), he's nice and know's how to cheer me up when im upset!!
  4.   Pete Wentz, Jeremih, T.I, Kanye West, Cristiano Ronaldo(hott italian soccer player), Andrea Barzagli(Hott italian soccer player), Fabio Cannavaro(HOTT italian soccer player), David Beckham(Major HOTT english soccer player), Ryan Reynolds(cutie), Adam Lambert(American Idol 2009 winner) and Chris Pine(major hottie)
  1.   Pro-Soccer Player/Cop(i might join the service once i graduate high school)
  2.   South Carolina
  3.   Paris
  4.   I would split it in half give half to charity and go shopping with the other half (DUHHHH!!!!!)
  5.   "You can fly with RedBull"
  1.   Night Person,DUH!!!!! (can you say party??)
  2.   Choclate (but i really don't like either)
  3.   Righty
  4.   I like the movies more,but Can i pick both??
  5.   pretty much a neat freak
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      The Leg lifting one,and the bar you have to pull down
  2.   Soccer (DUH!!)
  3.   Never Say Never-The Fray,Down-Jay Sean Ft. Lil Wayne,Mad-Ne yo,Not meant To be-Theory Of A deadman,New Divide-Linkin Park,Burn It To The ground-Nickel Back,Sound Of Madness-Shinedown,Always-Salivia,and Lady GaGa's CD
  4.   Weighing 107 by the time school starts(i now weigh 112)
  5. Tasty Eats
      An Apple
  6.   Work-Out
  7.   Anything at all.....im a GREAT advice giver
  8.   Sure
  10. My Healthy You Journal  
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