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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Scorpio
  2.   fun, outgoing, dramatic, ah-mazing friend, loving/caring and what ever any one else says
  3.   3 all the way NEVER EVER gonna change
  5.   bro and sis
  6.   Lea Michele (in the looks and the attitude when she's Rachel Berry)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Science or Honors Language Arts
  2.   Watch Ellen, have a snack, homework and watch Glee
  3.   Soccer & Baseball
  4.   Sleeping in :P, Texting ALL my besties, looking at clothes or reading or drawing
  5.   Baby Beagles and Kitty-Cats
  6.   S is always there for me, B understands me, A is just like me, Ari and J are funny, K is my anime friend, Ae is soso funny and there for me AA is funny x10
  7.   Gummy candy and Sprite (PS dont try Peach Sprite it is GROSS)
  8.   People in awe from my voice. Plus I'm good at making them laugh "Make em laugh, make em laugh, don't you know everyone wants to laugh?" - from Singing in the Rain
  9.   New York City and California
My Faves…
  1.   Glee, Teen Wolf , The Amazing World of Gumball, Once Upon a Time, Dance Moms, The Next Big Thing: New York and AWKWARD.
  2.   Confessions of a Shopaholic, Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Clique, The Wizard of Oz, Singing In the Rain, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chicago and Titanic. Wicked and any other Broadway show as well (I named a few)
  3.   (Mostly Indie Music) GLEE! Owl City, Darren Criss and everything on my iPod (Aaah-803-choo)
  4.   The Clique, Falling for Hamlet. Halo & Hades, Eclipse, Matched & Crossed, the Winnie Years, the Laurel Series basicly EVERYTHING on my bookshelf
  5.   Mario Kart Wii, Just Dance Wii & Just dance 2, Dance Central (for XBox w/ Kinect), Dance Central 2(for XBox w/ Kinect), Go Vaction for Wii and Super Smash Bro. Brawl
  6.   Lauren Conrad, Lea Michele, Heather Morris and Bridget Mendler
Style Sense
  1.   (Any vintage stuff I see) Lea Michelle as Rachel in Glee and Heather Moris as Brittany in Glee
  2.   B&N, DEB, Rue21, and Wet Seal
  3.   Cotton Candy and Watermelon
  4.   Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss
  5.   My Shoes or Hand Bags
  1.   1 and i have none now because he broke my heart into little tiny pieces!!
  2.   1 or 2
  3.   An all around guy. A guy who loves to sing, dance and act, yet loves football or any kind of sport who also likes science or math. An all around boy :) I would say, green eyes would be a plus, green eyes are rare so it's cute. he could have blue eyes too. I would want him to have kinda curly hair, think of Darren Criss before he cut his hair. Actually, Id want him to be like Darren Criss but with green eyes and all that :D
  4.   DARREN CRISS!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333 He's my idol & I absolutely LOVE him! He WILL be my husband, we will meet on Broadway and it'll be love at first sight!<333
  1.   I want to move to New York and attend a school for Dramatic Arts (Eventaully go on Broadway) and work as a waitress since that's what all "starving actresses" do as they attend school. I'd also REALLY love to have my own CD and have Darren Criss featured in it :D but after Broadway, I'd go into music, t.v. shows and movies and after that I'd be a talk show host like Ellen DeGeneres :)
  2.   New York City or Manhattan! (MAYBE Hollywood)
  3.   Dubi (which is in United Arab Emirates), Paris, London or an exoctic place in the world.
  4.   Give it to the people trying to fight any Cancer, have my own clothing line, my own Private School for Irish, American and British people, also have my dream wedding (ach-hem husband Darren Criss)
  5.   "People might laugh because I put a gold star after my name, but it's a metaphor and metaphors are important. My gold stars are a metaphor for me, being a star" - Rachel Berry, Glee. Quote of MY LIFE :D
  1.   Twilight/Sunset Babe
  2.   Carmel or Cherry but not 2gether, ew sounds gross XD
  3.   Righty
  4.   Movie in a theater
  5.   Kinda in the inbetween
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