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Tomatoelover123's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   leo a lady lion hear me ROAR!!
  2.   boy crazy/obessesed, daring , and LOUD
  3.   137
  4.   neon orange, neon green, neon yellow.... i love bright colors
  5.   attention hogging, poop smelling, not cute half brother.
  6.   no one really, though some old lady though i was dakota fanning (i know right it was super embrassing and she said it so LOUD) lol but it was funny
In A Nutshell...
  1.   science
  2.   text my besties :), eat and eat and eat, of course do my homework :(, and eat did i mention eating?
  3.   dance, football, and soccer
  4.   nothing really. moping around, reading books, watching tv, going out with my friends, going to the mall, or maybe seeing a movie at the theater.
  5.   horses they are soooooo beautiful and my cousin has one that i like to go and visting and ride in the summer :)
  6.   she is ALOT like me, she is fun, i can trust her with any secret, she is allways there when i need her if i'm having a bad day, we can talk on the fone for hours, we both think the lead singer from vampire weekend is to dieee for haha get it vampire lol sorry, and we LOVE double stuffed oreos! :)
  7.   double stuffed oreos
  8.   stuff disappear (actually losing stuff) :0 and if they meant food i can't even make toast so i guess nothing.
  9.   niagra falls or camping
My Faves…
  1.   grey's anatomy, private practice, and the middle -everybody was kung fu fighting-, PRETTY LITTLE LIARSS!!
  2.   dance flick, new moon, paranormal activity, 17 again, the ugly truth, ghost of girlfriends past, the proposal -to the window to the wall lol- chant from the heart, the hangover, step brothers, the crazies, nightmare on elm street went to see that in the movie theater with some of my girls and i was scared i screamed and started to hyperventilate and the people next to us moved, valentines day, the last song, and some other random stuff
  3.   ke$ha, boys like girls, justin bieber, train, owl city, taylor swift, mariah carey -why you so obbessed with me boy i wanna know- lol, vampire weekend (the lead singer is soo darn cute) and much much more but my hands are gonna cramp typing it all
  4.   dear john so good yet so sad i bawl like a baby every time i read it ;_;
  5.   i'm not really into video games
  6.   uh idk georgia groome
Style Sense
  1.   no one, i'm a skinny jeans and graffic t shirt kinda girl
  2.   aeropostale, wet seal, deb, rue21, Delia*s
  3.   cherry or watermelon
  4.   clear mascara
  5.   my favorite pair of converses
  1.   yes and yes.
  2.   like 10 or 20?
  3.   a guy that won't try to control me or change me, is hott, nice, can make me laugh when i'm down, and calls me beautiful instead of hot
  4.   TAYLOR LAUTNER! OMG BOOBOO STEWART YOUNGER VERSION OF TAYLOR!! and the lead singer from vampire weekend as i have mentioned above a few times
  1.   a hobo
  2.   paris, france the city of love
  3.   the bahamas
  4.   buy tons and tons of clothes
  5.   when life gives you skittles throw them and random people and scream to them "taste the freaking rainbow", true love is when you shed a tear and still want him, when he ignores you and you still love hime, when he loves another and you still say "i'm happy for you" and smile when all you do id cry and cry, between laughing for no reason,stupid arguments, long talks, and making fun of each other...i've fallen in love with you, relationships are like glass some times its better to leave them broke then hurt yourself trying to put it together again, and its funny how someone can break your heart and you can still love them with all the little peices, dont give up on someone you cant go a day without thinking about, life is about falling down living is about getting back up and trying again, he is 90% the reason i get up in the morning the other 10% is that i have to pee, i dont know what i mean to you and i dont know where i stand with you but everytime i think of you all i wanna do is be with you. <3 and i made up a quote love is like a tree you can cut down the tree and dig up the trunk but no matter how hard you try its impossible to get all the roots.
  1.   night owl and morning gal it doesn't matter
  2.   chocolate right now :)
  3.   righty, but i'm trying to turn amidextrius however you spell that big word and its not turning out so hot :(
  4.   movie in theater nothing can beat that great sound system it makes everything much more intense so does the HUGE screen!
  5.   slob and a neat freak (when i want to be) lol
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