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All About Me!
  1.   Capricorn.. (Jan.) => => => Good to be back, check out "My Healthy You Profile" for new.. everything!!! <33
  2.   Fun, Caring, and Lots of Fun (whoops.. more than 3 words.. oh well!)
  3.   7 or 8
  4.   purple, blue, and green (pink too!)
  5.   none ... Im an only child... *sigh* =/
  6.   uhhh....
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Science and Math
  2.   Homework.. :p.. and iif i have time.. just hang out and talk to friends
  3.   Watch: Baseball and Volleyball,.. and girls basketball at school, Play: Volleyball and Basketball... :)
  4.   Art Classes.. Homework.. ...... yeahh
  5.   My dog (Jack Russell Terrier) and the birds in my backyard..
  6.   I don't have just one.. hehe .. sooo.... too many things to love about them!!
  7.   italian and ice cream!
  8.   Bracelets???
  9.   Florida or Carribean (or anywhere warm and a lot of fun)
My Faves…
  1.   uhh... not sure..
  2.   The Proposal
  3.   Taylor Swift and/or Selena Gomez
  4.   Wings and Spells by Aprilynne Pike, *Evermore, Blue Moon, and Shadowland by Alyson Noel!!<333**
  5.   Wii Games (like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bro. Brawl, and Wii Fit Plus! )
  6.   mmm... not exactly sure... i guess Taylor Swift and/or Selena Gomez <33
Style Sense
  2.   Aeropostale, Target (not just for clothes though), Kohls<3
  3.   Watermelon and/or cherry
  4.   Mascara and/or eye shadow
  5.   My dresses... and shoes (more than one thing.... oh well!!!) ; ^)
  1.   No and No..
  2.   1
  3.   Someone who makes me laugh and is honest
  4.   dont have one
  1.   Photographer or Biologist or Environmentalist personn!<3
  2.   Dont have one.. yet
  3.   Paris, France <3333333 =D
  4.   Save some (college, house, blah blah blahhhh), Donate some, and spend most!!... hehe....
  5.   “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.” OR "To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world [to them]"
  1.   Night Owl
  2.   Both but Chocolate more
  3.   Lefty!!! :D
  4.   Movie in a theater (with some friends!)
  5.   Neat Freak (Somewhat...)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Poll: Back to School. What are you looking forward to MOST this school year??? 1.) Being with your BFFS everyday again. 2.) Meeting new students this year 3.) Being on your fav. sports team or club 4.) Showing everyone the "new you" 5.) Seeing and meeting teachers, and doing hw and learning new things??
  2.   Question of the week: What is the most interesting and/or coolest thing you did or are doing this summer, 2010???
  3.   Quote of the Week: “Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”
  4.   *****Meanings of ur Birthstone*****: If ur a... ~ Garnet (Jan.) Garnet symbolizes confidence, grace, and loyalty, and is thought to encourage friendships. Some believe wearing a garnet helps protect u from harm. ~Amethyst (Feb.) Amethyst symbolizes love, sincerity, and honesty. Legend says that wearing an amethyst can help calm ur fears and keep u from excessiveness. Others believe an amethyst under ur pillow brings pleasant dreams.. ~ Aquamarine (Mar.) "Aquamarine" is Latin for "sea water," so it's a perfect stone for anyone who loves the ocean. Some believe wearing an aquamarine could bring love and affection.. ~ Diamond (Apr.) Diamond, the hardest stone, signifies purity, strength, and love. The diamond is considered the ultimate gift of love and is the most common stone in engagement rings.. ~ Emerald (May.) Emerald symbolizes spring, hope, and peace. If you looked at an emerald under a microscope, you would see tiny patterns that look like plants in a garden.. ~ Pearl (Jun.) Pearl represents innocence, health, and wealth. Pearls can also stand for wisdom or something precious. A pearl starts out as a tiny particle of sand in an oyster shell. Some pearls take up to three years to get large enough to be used in jewelry!.. ~ Ruby (Jul.) Ruby represents kindness, happiness, and honor. In ancient times, people believed that rubies helped cure illnesses and patch up arguements.. ~ Peridot (Aug.) Peridot symbolizes fame, honor, and protection. Legends say pirates loved peridots. It was thought that wearing a peridot sat in gold would prevent bad dreams and bring friendship, success, and good luck.. ~ Sapphire (Sep.) Sapphires stand for wisdom, truth, and sincerity. When you wear a sapphire, some say u might feel secure, brave, and strong.. ~ Opal (Oct.) Opals are symbols of hope, confidence, and innocence. More than 500 years ago, during the Middle Ages, young blonde girls in Europe wore Opals in their hair to protect its beautiful color. A good opal has the colors of all other birthstones in it.. ~ Topaz (Nov.) Topaz represents friendship, faithfulness, and honesty. Some people believe wearing a topaz could bring friendship, fame, and forture!.. ~ Turquoise (Dec.) Turquoise symbolizes happiness, good health, good luck, and success. Giving or receiving a turquoise as a gift is like a pledge of friendship. =D
  5. Goal Girl
      Survey #1: What would u do for a million dollars?? (No problem or No way) 1. Give up ur computer forever? 2. Eat deep fried octopus dipped in hot sauce? 3. Share ur room with a three year old for a year? 4. Get a tattoo that says "Boys are smarter than girls?" 5. Cook dinner every night for six months? 6. Stick ur arm into a swarming beehive? 7. Walk to the North Pole? 8. Drink goats milk? 9. Listen only to opera music for the next ten years? 10. Go bungee jumping? 11. Walk barefoot through a ditch filled with big, slimy slugs? 12. Not talk to ur best friend for three months? 13. Tap dance to "Yankee Doodle Dandy" in front of the whole school, wearing an orange sequined leotard and green polka-dot tights? 14. Hang glide over an active volcano? 15. Chew a piece of gum that was stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe? 16. Publish ur diary in the newspaper (if u dont hav a diary, then hav all ur darkest, deepest secrets published in the newspaper)? 17. Let ur parents pick out ur clothes for the rest of ur life? Enjoy!! =D
  6.   Anything, I'll do my best to help! =) I'll respond ASAP on ur profile! =D
  7.   Can't wait til January 2011!! <33
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