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XxDelilahRoseBiersackxX's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Virgo
  2.   I'm an outcast and I'm proud to be one. I don't try to be like others I'm just myself. I want to make a difference in this world and I want to help people so if you need advice on anything ask me
  3.   6
  4.   Black and Purple
  5.   2 half sisters 1 full blood sister 2 stepsisters 1 half brother 3 step brothers
  6.   I'm not a celebrity look alike and never will be
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Art
  2.   Draw, Listen to music, and Write
  3.   None
  4.   Drawing, Listening to music, and Writing
  5.   Turtles and Pandas
  6.   He's always there for me through fire and flames good times and bad times
  7.   Pasta
  8.   Drawings
  9.   Lisbon, Portugal which is where I was born
My Faves…
  1.   Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, That Metal Show
  2.   The Amityville Horror, Dead Silence, Insidious, May, Paranormal Activity, To Save A Life, The Woman In Black
  3.   Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Attack! Attack!, Rise Against, Gdsmack, Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, Blood On Te Dance Floor, For All Those Sleeping, Woe Is Me, Sleeping With Sirens, Distrbed, The Black Dahlia Murder, Atreyu, As Blood Runs Black, Slipknot, And Then There Were None, Pierce The Veil, Falling In Reverse, The Devil Wears Prada, Evanescence, Bullet For My Valentine, Escape the Fate, Blessthefall, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Blindside, Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown, Motely Crue, Skillet, Alkaline Trio, Type O Negative, KISS, Metallica, Billy Idol, Paramore, Eyes Set To Kill, August Burns Red, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Pantara, Hollywood Undead, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Simple Plan, Switchfoot, Forever The Sickest Kids, Killswitch Engage, Dead Kennedys, Rob Zombie, Tenacious D, Finger Eleven, Fuel, Dead By April, Motionless In White, Three Days Grace, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, NeverShoutNever!, All Time Low, A Day To Remember
  4.   The Amityville Horror, But Inside I'm Screaming, Maximum Ride, Best Friends, The Outsiders, Fallen, Eternal, The Woman In Black, Of Mice And Men, Twilight, Harry Potter, Cut
  5.   Black Opps 2
  6.   Amy Lee (the singer of Evanescence)
Style Sense
  1.   Uhh me
  2.   Hot Topic, Spencers, Zumies, Tillies
  3.   Dont wear lipgloss
  4.   Eyeliner
  5.   My Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold, Suicide Silence, Asking Alexandria, and Black Dahlia Murder Shirts
  1.   Yes No
  2.   2
  3.   Doesn't care what others think of him, musical and funny
  4.   Andy Biersack and Vic Fuentes
  1.   Singer or Author
  2.   Uhh I kinda live there I like it in Lisbon even though I only live there durring the summer its my home
  3.   IDK
  4.   Be touring with Black Veil Brides
  5.   "Never give in, Never back down"-Andy Biersack "Whats normal? A setting on a washing machine? Who wants to be that?"-Ashley Purdey "Suicides not cowardly you know whats cowardly treating someone so bad they want to end there life"-Ashley Purdey "When I hear your cries praying for light I will be there"-Andy Biersack "Emo? Ha I take that as a compliment that just shows I have feelings and that I'm different. Wierd? Of course I am normals so boring. Asking for attention? Funny cuz your the one wearing hardly any clothes and your the one calling everybody out now who's asking for attention? B****? Takes one to know one"-Me ""Wild and running for one reason they cant stop us from our freedom"-Black Veil Brides "Am I a bad person just because I'm different? Is it such a bad thing to not follow the crowd? Is it so bad for me to be myself"-Me "Seems I've crossed the line again for being nothing more than who I am"-Shinedown "I hold on to the memories of me and you even though it causes me pain. I hold on to them just so I know there was a time when you cared, that there was a time when you loved me as much as I love you."-Me "So believe me when I tell you that I've been persistant cuz I'm more scarred more scarred than my wrist is"-Holloywood Undead "I love rumors I find out so much stuff about me that I didn't know"-IDK "Giving up isn't a sign of weakness it just means you've been strong for too long"-IDK "Stand up for what you believe in even if that means standing alone"-Andy Biersack "Smile and let everyone know your alot stronger than you were yesterday"-IDK "You cant judge my choices without knowing my reasons"-IDK "Its going to be alright maybe not today but someday"-IDK "Love is the deadliest weapon and the strongest shield"-Me "I miss you the old you the new you sucks"-IDK "If you dont support gay rights your a f****t"-Kellin Quinn "How does it feel when tears freeze when you cry?"-Escape The Fate "We're here as a reminder that the world is not better off without you"-Frank Iero "This world is not my home I'm just passing through"-Of Mice and Men "Born free but still they hate born me no I cant change"-Rise Against "No matter how strong someone is they always have a breaking point"-IDK "My name is guitar and I play Synyster Gates"-Synyster Gates(When he's very drunk) "Four years or thirty years I think I'll always be the new guy of Black Veil Brides"-CC "Always be yourself unless you can be Batman always be Batman"-Andy Biersack "So I was completely in control then I started talking to a chair"-Jake Pitts "Yeah Jake and Jinxx play guitars. Andy sings, And I run around toppless playing for the ladies."-Ashley Purdey "Sunshine there aint nothing you can do to ruin my night"-Vic Fuentes "I was between a good kid and a terrible kid I had a good heart but a bad attitude"-M. Shadows
  1.   The freaks come out at night I'm a night owl
  2.   Chocolate
  3.   Righty
  4.   DVD
  5.   In between
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