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Yazzii-Chan's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   aquariius
  2.   funnii .. gothiic cat luver .. confusd
  3.   13
  4.   blackk .. darkk purple .. maroon
  5.   1 amaziinglii anoyiing youngr bro
  6.   iidk^^
In A Nutshell...
  1.   lunch (=
  2.   muziic
  3.   none iiN partiicular -- runniing mayb ..??
  4.   muziic .. readiin .. sketchiin .. takiing pkks .. watchiing muvees .. fone caLLs .. net . . .
  5.   CAT^^
  6.   she can olwayz make me laughh
  7.   coke
  8.   sad ppL happii ... stuff tu put up iiN miie room
  9.   darjeeliing
My Faves…
  1.   PUCCA^^
  2.   boys b4 flowers [[ iiTs a Korean seriies ]]
  3.   evanescence
  4.   thw Twiiliight seriiies
  5.   mortaL kombat .. LocoRoco
  6.   Amy Lynn Lee + Kriisten Stewart
Style Sense
  1.   Amy Lynn Lee ,, Selena Gomez
  2.   converse
  3.   Miint // Green Apple
  4.   LiipGloss
  5.   miie muffler nd scarF collectiion
  1.   yepp [[ For Both Questiions ]]
  2.   4-6
  3.   asiian guy -- preferabalii Mongoliian ,, Tiibetan or Korean .. gud lwks .. smart .. funnii .. a person who can put up wiiF me nd luv me truLii
  4.   Kiim Bum
  1.   Siingiing^^
  2.   eniiplace eXotiic
  3.   iidk
  4.   shop tiiL ii drop-!!
  5.   [[ ii wanna b known as d giirL who smiiles even tho her heart iiz broken .. nd who wiiL olwayz try tu briighten up yur day evn iiF she cant briighten her own ]]
  1.   niight owL
  2.   chocoL8
  3.   riightii buhh ii wantd tu b leftii )=
  4.   iiF wiiF friiends den iiN the theatre -- iiF alone or wiiF parents then iiN the dvd
  5.   sumwerr iiN between
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