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act it***dance it***sing it's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Aries
  2.   Outgoing, Artistic, Wise
  3.   Don't exactly have one
  4.   MY favorite color changes depending on my mood or what I'm wearing
  5.   twin brother. he's like half a foot taller than me but we have the same color hair and eyes. Of course, we're not identical tho!
  6.   Kristen Stewart. It's pretty scary actually, how much I look like her.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Science, gym & math
  2.   Drama club, Dance(ballet, hip hop, jazz), Showchoir(we are doing a bunch of songs from broadway shows this year and I also get to correograph!), hang out with friends
  3.   Baseball & Dance (which IS a sport!) &Volleyball
  4.   With friends :], reading novels, writing poetry or a book, cooking, listening to music, on the computer(im addicted to facebook and GL,lol), rehearsing for a play or dance
  5.   Polar Bears, Cats, and Gerbils
  6.   She can ALWAYS make me smile and we can just talk for hours!
  7.   Hmm...well I love most food in general. I especially like pastas and salads and chicken for meals. I love to snack too...pretzels, cheese, crackers, granola bars, choclate, fruit, veggies....yummm
  8.   I'm a really good painter and sketcher. I give great advice. I can put outfits together really well.
  9.   The beach
My Faves…
  1.   America's Best Dance Crew, 30roc, Little People Big World, Myth Busters, What Not to Wear, Made, Gilmore Girls, Dr. Who
  2.   hmm...I've seen WAY to many movies to know!
  3.   Good Charlotte, Chris Brown, Geen Day, Akon
  4.   Twilight Saga & Uglies Trilogy, The Devil Wears Prada
  5.   I don't like video games
Style Sense
  1.   Don't really have one. My friends & myself I guess
  2.   Delia*s, Forever 21, American Eagel. Target, TJ Maxx,
  3.   I'm more of a chap-stick kinda gal. So yeah I love smackers and pretty much any of their flavors.
  4.   colored eye liner, eye lash curler, blush/bronzer, mascara...but of course not all of this at once!
  5.   Well, I love most of my clothes. But if I had to choose, my converse would win! and also my fav pair of jeans
  1.   yeah i've had a couple of good relationships
  2.   1...i miss him!!
  3.   Understanding, cute, funny, open-minded, nice, thoughtful, relaxed, protective & so much more!
  4.   hah! none!
  1.   theatre or screen Actress or pro dancer
  2.   Somewhere in Cali, NY, Spain or South-ish
  3.   Hawaii, or I would love to take a HUGE road trip across the country.A tour of europe would also be incredable
  4.   Invest in my future, spend a bit on myself right now, and give a good sum to charity
  5.   "Always Be Yourself Because Those Who Matter Won't Mind, And Those Who Mind Don't Matter"
  1.   Night Owl
  2.   Both... (:
  3.   Righty
  4.   DVD nite with friends. I host them all the time and they sre so much fun! You can have whatever snacks you want for free and you can talk as much as you want w/o being yelled at (:
  5.   Somewhere In Between...
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Dance-its AMAZING for toning and strength
  2.   Baseball, volley ball, tenis, running, goes on and on.
  3.   Hip Hop & r&b mixed with a bit of country gets a good tempo.
  4.   Find something you LOVE doing, if you love it, you'll do it with out even thinking that it's work.
  5. Tasty Eats
      granola bars and peanut butter, fruit, cheese and crackers, yogurt.
  6.   Oh jeeze i love like everything. It might be easier to ask me what I DONT like. lol.
  7.   go do something else or eat something healthy. OR sometimes i just go for it but only eat a little.
  8.   fashion, make up, boys, workouts, acting, singing, dancing,friends, family
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