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All About Me!
  1.   Welcome to the advice girlies club!
  2.   This is going to be a place girls can go to ask questions and get advice fast! All of our advice givers will be dedicated girls who check gl often and give great advice. I am looking for the very best advice givers so that this club can be as helpful as possible to other girls on the site.
  3.   There will be four positions: vp, advice giver, advertiser, and member
  4.   Advice givers will have specific topic of advice they give. The topics are: school, boys, hair, fashion, makeup, friends, parents, cooking/recipes, money, health, and other
  5.   If you are interested in applying for a position fill out the appropriate application below.
  6.   Members and advertisers are unlimited. There may be multiple advice givers for each topic but I don't want 5 people for one topic and none for others, so for now there will only be one or two for each topic. No one will be turned away from this club however I may put u as a member or an advertiser even if u apply for an advice giver if I think that is where u would do the best.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Application for advice giver:
  2.   1) Name, age, and grade
  3.   2) What topic would you like to give advice on?Why? ( please put your top three in order so that if your first choice is taken I have some idea of where to place u)
  4.   3) why should I make you an advice giver? Why should I make u advice giver of this topic?
  5.   4) How often are you on gl?
  6.   Additionally, once you fill out an application I will give u a situation of your desired topic that u must give advice to. I will then place u as I see fit.
  7.   There is no application for vp. I will pick a vp from the advice givers once I find one that I feel could do the best job. This will be some one who gives awesome advice, answers questions quickly, and is on gl very often.
  8.   I also want my advice givers to post tips, advice, quizzes and other fun stuff as often as possible. At least once a week please.
My Faves…
  1.   Advertiser application:
  2.   1) Name, age, and grade
  3.   2) why do u want toe an advertiser?
  4.   3) why should I make u an advertiser?
  5.   4) How often are u on gl?
  6.   I need advertisers to really advertise like crazy. We need people for all positions, and the more people no about this club the more it can help people.
Style Sense
  1.   Member application:
  2.   1) Name, age, and grade
  3.   2) why do u want to be a member?
  4.   3) what do u most need advice on from our advice givers?
  5.   4) How often are you on gl?
  1.   ANYONE can ask a question on here. This means advice givers, advertisers, members, and other girls checking out this profile.
  2.   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have your profile viewable to the public. This makes it easier on everyone. Advice givers MUST have a visible profile. I only say this because I need to be able to contact u and it just makes it easier for everyone
  3.   Any girl if any age can join this club.
  4.   I know I shouldn't have to say this but I will anyways: there will be absolutely NO bullying, teasing, rudeness, or making fun of people on here. I want everyone to feel like they can share there feelings on here. I want this to be a safe place. The goal of this club is to help girls with their problems and help them feel better about themselves. I don't want anyone to be embarrassed to write comments or ask questions on here.
  1.   These are the people we have in this club and their positions
  2.   Vice President: Kelly Rose (iamkellyrose)
  3.   Advice Givers: Mariah( love*laugh*dance)-general advice giver of all topics, Jasmine (crazychicaincali)-parents, Makenzie (mac1255)-guys, Katie(cupcake1999)-fashion, Kelly Rose (iamkellyrose)- health
  4.   Advertisers:
  5.   Members: Elizabeth (elizabethmariexo), Abby (mantisfilms22)
  1.   Thanks to everyone who joins.
  2.   I will try to add new and fun things to here often
  3.   Please do your best to make questions simple and advice givers, try to give the most helpful answer u can
  4.   Feel free to comment on my personal profile, dancer1668
  5.   Your President, Renee
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      So this month's contest will be a words of wisdom contest.
  2.   Basically, all this means is that you submit the quote you live by!
  3.   You can only enter once so make sure you pick your favorite quote!
  4.   I will select a winner on March 31. The winner will be awarded a new position, vp assistant. Basically this person will deal with day to day club business, along with the vp when I am away. You will be the third in command.
  5. Goal Girl
      Good luck everybody! :)
  7. My Healthy You Journal  
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