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aria:D's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer
  2.   girly, dramatic, internally-blonde
  3.   4 plus 5 which is 9!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4.   PINK
  5.   Nick (10), Ben (7), Andrew (turns 5 on Jan 13)
  6.   Miranda Cosgrove mayb? or selena gomez my hair is cut in her shortstyle
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Creative Writing or Choir
  2.   Theatre duh!!! or cross country per the rents request or Power of the Pen writing or jr national honor society per the rents request my motto: Sometimes busy bees are the happiest!!!
  3.   Cross Country and Yoga r fun ( wen i feel like xercise like downrite weights or running i truly njoy it)
  4.   the whole crazy errand running around thing
  5.   Well we r getting 1-2 new cockapoos ova da summer!
  6.   each one will bring something dif to da table luv yall!!!
  7.   candy or sweets ("ppl w/ extrasugary type personalities like equally sweet food," says my bff
  8.   uhhhh Betty Crocker Browines or anything sweet
  9.   Well im in fl now (dont b jealous its only 60 and rainy rite now)
My Faves…
  1.   Glee if u dont no think rachel cept i will step out of the way to help others instead of only pushing people out of the way ( i promise)
  2.   Ferris Bueller or any musicalmovie ( i just got my fair lady, white xmas, and chicago) or seventeen again
  3.   Taylor Swift or Kristin Chenowith (bet no one knows Kristin)
  4.   idk Kate Brian novels are what I'm readin now, and I hart reading
  5.   well i got a new kareoke game for wii (sorry cant spell)
  6.   Christin Chenowith or Taylor Swift!!!!!!
Style Sense
  1.   hmmmmmmm my friend Sharon mayb?
  2.   Aero and American Eagle
  3.   hmmm i got Triple hot chocolate and cherry vanilla this xmas
  4.   mascara lipgloss eyeshadow is most fun to put on
  5.   PINK or navy to match my eyes
  1.   nope and nope but i wish
  2.   1 and only 1
  3.   sweet smart, and into the theatre
  4.   Taylor Lautner or Finn from Glee
  1.   the next Christin Chenowith
  2.   Broadway!!!
  3.   NYC: broadway, brite lites, shopping, hip hip horay!!!
  4.   buy myself a shopping spree in Nyc and a bunch of broadway tickets
  5.   "Getting High on life: all fun, no hangover!!!!!!!" "Every person is beautiful and talented in a specail way." "Find happy in good days! Find somethign xciting or good in less than gr8 days!!"
  1.   Option c No Sleep!!
  2.   Vanilla!!!!
  3.   Right is me but i think being a lefty would b kol
  4.   DVD cuz then if u scream or talk 2 the characters no1 cares
  5.   neat but idk i dont actually enjoy cleaning up messes
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   cc (cross country)
  3.   Glee!!!!!!
  4.   workout just as u would if u were actually completing ur final goal
  5.   Just making it thru the week paying more attention to stuff
  6.   the brite lites and lullaby of broadway (quote from the sho im in rite now, 42nd street) and criticism
  7.   friends (especailly ur "friends" who hurt u 2 often)
  8.   well a guy and sometimes just fitting in or clothes?hair?makeup cuz u can neva have enuff makeup tiips!!!
  9.   well not to workout but chattin would b fun!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. My Healthy You Journal  
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