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artsgurl983's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   its libra but i dont believe in astrology! but i still <3 lookin @ the stars
  2.   fun, expressive, funny
  3.   i dont believe in luck, things just happen!!!
  4.   black, blue, green
  5.   older sis
  6.   myself!!! of course, jk
In A Nutshell...
  1.   language arts/math/science/drama/dance(Cant choose)
  2.   hw(ugh) and txt. i hav a dogsitting job too so sumtyms after skool i hav to do that
  3.   dance & gymnastics, football, cheerleading, ultimate frisbee ;)
  4.   watching a movie, hanging with a friend, @ the mall.... sumtyms nuthin :(
  5.   my puppy! i <3 ALL animals
  6.   she is super supportive! but i lov evrything about her, and we nvr fight. i hav so many inside jokes w/ my friends too! lao! (but i have more than one best friend) i actually hav a lot
  7.   chicken alfredo w/ brocolli(maybe)
  8.   songs, choreography, friends, art
  9.   virginia & myrtle beach
My Faves…
  1.   platinum hit, the office, sytycd, victorious, design star
  2.   cat in the hat, waterboy, i am legend, pink panther (ive seen pink panther just about 100 times), why did i get married, finding nemo, TRANSFORMERS!!!, inception
  3.   cant choose! (i luv music sooo much) i do luv NeverShoutNever tho <3
  4.   the lightning thief & the hunger games trilogy
  5.   Just Dance 2, We Cheer, Dance Central
  6.   idk. me? jk XD
Style Sense
  1.   idk! i have my own style, but i do lyk a lot of the outfits on shake it up! (but i dont watch that show a lot)
  2.   hot topic,rue 21, XXI, aeropostale, delia*s, body central... (i no this isnt a clothing store but i <3 IKEA)
  3.   vanilla, mint.... yum
  4.   i dont wear makeup! i guess its just up to my natural face! lol
  5.   skinny jeans!!!! all day every day
  1.   yes, a lonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg(im talkin kindergarten) time ago & no not now(not allowed & dont really want 1)
  2.   none. i had one a while ago tho... i think :) haha
  3.   i'll tell u wen i find him (joking) ;p
  4.   nobody. i dont no how they act so im not in love with them. but i do think a lot are cute. lol
  1.   nature photographer, or author, or singer, or song writer, or actress, or stylist, or pediatrician, or teacher, or CAN'T CHOOSE
  2.   i wanna TRAVEL!!!
  3.   california, italy,england
  4.   donate, giv to my parents,& Go CRAZY!!!
  5.   never get a mime talking cuz' he"ll never stop OR there are no small roles just small actors OR obstacles aren't roadblocks just oppurtunities OR Shut Up!!! OR enemies stab u in the back, friends dont stab u at all, best friends stab u in the front!!! OR dont cry bcaz its ovr, smile bcaz it happened OR u hav to get through the rain to get the rainbow :)
  1.   night owll
  2.   i am OBSESSED w/ chocolate!!!!!!but i like the vanilla scent
  3.   rightyy!
  4.   movie theater unless theres those annoying people sittin behind u that laff @ anything or wont stop talking or overreact at everything or fart the whole movie(ive experienced each of those)
  5.   in between 50/50 (more like 60/40 lol)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      wii, dancing, laughing, and messin with friends
  2.   dance
  3.   ?IDK? just hype music for workin out
  4.   have fun!!! and just keep going
  5. Goal Girl
  6.   stayin active
  7.   thinking about what i will get if i stick to my goal
  8.   lots of dancers inspire me bcaz i luv dancing and always want to get better
  9. Tasty Eats
      nutella w/ toast or granola bars (i wanna try eating dried fruit)
  10.   chicken alfredo w/ steamed brocolli
  11.   realize i'm really not even hungry or substitute for sumthin else or eat them
  12.   drinking water
  13.   not procrastinating to work out
  14.   no
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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