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baybiiey's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Scorpio
  2.   Crazy Funny Loyal
  3.   7
  4.   Aqua Greyy Purple Pinkk :))
  5.   Brotherr And A Friend Who iS Like My Sister
  6.   Mariah Carrey Everyone Called Me Tht As A Kidd Ughh . Shes Beautiful But iT Kinda Got Old .
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Gymm , Choruss
  2.   Hang Out With Friends
  3.   Gymnastics Cheer And Softball . iPlay All Those Sportss ! :))
  4.   Partyyss !!!!
  5.   My Dog iS My Lifee ! Shes The Cutest Yorkie EVER !
  6.   She iS Equilly As Crazy As Me ( And Thats Raree ! )
  7.   Chinese
  8.   Designing Clothesss . iDesign Them And My Mommyy Makes Themm :)))
  9.   iTalyy !
My Faves…
  1.   Pretty Little Liarss !
  2.   Shes The Mann . iProbubly Have Watched iT 1000000000000000 Timess ! LOL
  3.   Lemonade Mouth , Nicki Minaj , Paramore , Ke$ha , Lady Gaga , Madonna .
  4.   Top 8 iTs The Bestt !
  5.   Guitar Hero And Animal Crossing
  6.   Lady Gaga iS My iDol . Amy Winehousee And Marilyn Monroe (RIP) And Madonna .
Style Sense
  1.   Zendaya ( Shake iT Up )
  2.   Hot Topic , Forever 21 (Good Stuff And Good Prices )
  3.   ROOTBEER !
  4.   Eyeliner . Butt iDont Over Do iT . iJus Do A Winged Eyeliner On The Top And Nothing On The Bottom.
  5.   My Booty Shortss ! ;))
  1.   Yes And No . iDont Like Being iN Serious Relationships Because Somethings Get To Serious And You Make Mistakess Bhutt iReally Wanna Find A Prince :)) Like iN The Moviess <3.
  2.   5 :))
  3.   Funny Sweet And Would Go Out With Me Even iF iWas The Ugliest Person iN The World .
  4.   Jake Short Justin Bieber Cody Simpson Jaden Smith
  1.   Celebrity , Dancer And Singer And Actress . Butt iReally Wanna Be A Singer Cuz Yhuu Can Have Fun On Stage Be Yourself And Do yHurr Own Thangg !
  2.   Vegas Babyy !!!!!
  3.   iTalyy
  4.   Upgradee My Closet !
  5.   We Will All Laugh At Guilded Butterfliess . iM Beautiful iN My Way Cuz God Makes No Mistakess !
  2.   Twisty Conee !
  3.   iTs Weirdd . iAm Right Handed Butt iFound Out iDo EVERYTHING Else From The Left !
  4.   Movie iN Theaterr .
  5.   SLOBB .. Bhutt Sometimes iClean The House Whenever iWant Something From My Parents !
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Wii Fit , Jogging Around My Neighbothood
  2.   Softball . iUsed To Do Cheer And Gymnastics Bhutt Now iFound An iNtrest iN Softball
  3.   My iPod . Anything That Has A Beat That iCan Run To .
  4.   God Gives Every Bird iTs Food , But He Does Not Throw iT iNto iTs Nest .
  5. Goal Girl
      To Keep My Body iN Good Shape So iCan Live A Long Healthy Life .
  6.   Bootyy .
  7.   My Mom Works Out Every Day And Has A Perfect Body And iWanna End Up Like Her .
  8.   Shawn Johnson .
  9. Tasty Eats
      Bananna , Watermellon , WATER , Gatorade .
  10.   Fruit Salad Fruit Cups Baked Brocolli
  11.   Think About The Pros And Cons . Cons Always Have The Most Things .
  12.   ANYTHING . Seriously !
  13.   Whatevers Going On iN My Life Then .
  14.   YEAAHHH !
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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