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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer
  2.   Hilarious, Awesome!!! and Pretty:P (But believe me im not that full of myself)
  3.   #14
  4.   HOT PINK!!
  5.   Shannon-11,Keira-7, Shane-7
  6.   Miley Cyrus
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Health!
  2.   Homework...Duh? Reading<3...I'm a BOOKWORM!
  3.   I can't choose:/ Baseball or laccrosse?? comment which one:)
  4.   Hanging with friends! Like always:) I'm always entering contests on here too:P
  5.   Ginger my only Dog<3 Love her
  6.   She's Funny, Awesome, CRAZY, loving and she's liike meeee(:
  7.   I don't have a fav... I love all food..welll most atleast! I can be a Pig but i eat healthy sooo.
  8.   Mac'n'cheese:) and popscicles!! From these awesome Recipes on here!
  9.   California<3 I love it there! It's beautiful there! I also really really want to go to New York City! Tht's my place to be! i love it there! And i havn't even been there if you know wht i mean:) where should i visit in New York? Cuz im going there soon!! Give me some suggestions!!
My Faves…
  1.   Pretty Little Liars<3 It's my life!!
  2.   Just Go With It:) It's my Family's movie!! We laugh everytime(:
  3.   I Can't choose just one! Well first is 1D<3, JB.. Love him, and last is Rihanna>.<
  4.   A Dog's Purpose!! It's my all time favorite!! It's soo amazing!! it's legit a life changer! if you have a dog you should read it! It's by Bruce Cameron.
  5.   If my Ipod touch counts then tht's my thing!!<3 i mean wat girl plays MW3?? I do:P ..... only sometimes.
  6.   Emma Stone!!<3OMG! i love her soo friggin much!! she's literally my girl crush.... and SPIDERMAN?? AHHHMAZINNGG!! (well it is called amazing spiderman...) Because she's in it<3Just GO see spiderman if u havnt already:)
Style Sense
  1.   Lucy Hale...Soo Pretty
  2.   i ABSOLUTELY LOVE rue 21! i love their fasion and everything about it
  3.   Well i really like berry flavors but i can't choose between apple or berry?? which one is better? COMMENT Below(:
  4.   I have TONS of makeup bags!! but wht i always need on me is my mascara and lipgloss>.<
  5.   I can't live without my blue butterfly shirt it sounds childish and stupid but it's the cutest thing i have and i LOVE IT!! IT'S SOO CUTE:) I also really love my strapless summer dress!! It's really pretty<3
  1.   I've had one BF but it doesn't really count cuz i nvr liked the guy and i don't have a BF right now and tht's how i like it in the summer:)
  2.   1/2 i don't like him but i do:/ If tht makes any sense?? well i only get to see him in school and tht's probs why.
  3.   He HAS to be funny(without just making fun of others in a funny and mean way)! He could have a little charm! and He needs to be nice to almost EVERYONE!! If only i could find a boy like THT!
  4.   LIAM HEMSWORTH! HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND HOT AND PRETTY AND CUTE AND OMG I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH:) My eyes pop when i see his pics 0.0 Sorry but isn't he just Amazing! It's like you die and go to heaven then come back!! (in a good way!) COMMENT IF YOU LOVE HIM JUST AS MUCH AS me>.<
  1.   I seriously don't know!! tht's wht little kids are for! (asking wht they won't to be for some ideas) i Really need to think about it though:)
  2.   New York!! I love New York and i Kno i really wanna go to college near it so i live their!!
  3.   A cruise to the Bahamas!! it would be so rad and beautiful<3 i really need to go on a cruise!! where poor kids in Africa would just wannt food): i feel bad:(
  4.   I would buy All my favorite stores so i own them and is able to wear all their clothes!! also but everything any girl would want! clothes.. shoes.. makeup.. walk in closet....mansion u kno wht i mean!!!
  5.   Y.O.L.O.........Don't Hate ME cause I'm beautiful and a bad past can bring a bright new and fun future...ohhh also Haters are My Motivators
  1.   Night Owl.. i'm horrible in the morning
  2.   Surprisingly I'm a vanilla Gal:P<) aww i tried to make an icecream cone:(
  3.   Go Righties!!!
  4.   Movie in theater (I think) Cuz it's fun at Home too! It's cool in theaters!!
  5.   Defenitley a Neat Freak it's just the way I am:) Tht's a good thing right??
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      The boring stuff most of the time..... Boring right?? But i do like to do Zumba and fun Excersizes too!!!
  2.   Fastpitch softball or laccrosse i CAN NOT choose!!
  3.   Believe By: Justin Beibs!!
  4.   To always have water and push through the hardest ones!!
  5. Goal Girl
      To weigh less then my younger sister ( only a year apart) and to get rid of my belly! SIXPACK ALL THE WAY!! or Fourpack:(
  6.   My Tummy Muscless like always:P
  7.   The GL Mag!!
  8.   no one in particular but probably a soccer woman!! Even though i don't play Soccer anymore:/
  9. Tasty Eats
      Nectarines or peachs or rasberries i Love FRUIT!!
  10.   Rasberry popscicles! Recipe on this website:D
  11.   I try Really hard to go for some sweet fruit! ...... sometimes it doesn't work out):
  12.   any problems with staying healthy(excersizes,eating) or being bullied!! Ask me anything!:)
  13.   staying away from those junky foods!! i know How but It's hard:/ Also drama! im going into a new school where theres drama!! how do i stay away from it??
  14.   yes!! anything to help me out!!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
You see your crush in the halls and your friend seriously embarrasses you by yelling his name. What do you do?!


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