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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer
  2.   Hilarious, Awesome!!! and Pretty:P (But believe me im not that full of myself)
  3.   #14
  4.   HOT PINK!!
  5.   Shannon-11,Keira-7, Shane-7
  6.   Miley Cyrus
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Health!
  2.   Homework...Duh? Reading<3...I'm a BOOKWORM!
  3.   I can't choose:/ Baseball or laccrosse?? comment which one:)
  4.   Hanging with friends! Like always:) I'm always entering contests on here too:P
  5.   Ginger my only Dog<3 Love her
  6.   She's Funny, Awesome, CRAZY, loving and she's liike meeee(:
  7.   I don't have a fav... I love all food..welll most atleast! I can be a Pig but i eat healthy sooo.
  8.   Mac'n'cheese:) and popscicles!! From these awesome Recipes on here!
  9.   California<3 I love it there! It's beautiful there! I also really really want to go to New York City! Tht's my place to be! i love it there! And i havn't even been there if you know wht i mean:) where should i visit in New York? Cuz im going there soon!! Give me some suggestions!!
My Faves…
  1.   Pretty Little Liars<3 It's my life!!
  2.   Just Go With It:) It's my Family's movie!! We laugh everytime(:
  3.   I Can't choose just one! Well first is 1D<3, JB.. Love him, and last is Rihanna>.<
  4.   A Dog's Purpose!! It's my all time favorite!! It's soo amazing!! it's legit a life changer! if you have a dog you should read it! It's by Bruce Cameron.
  5.   If my Ipod touch counts then tht's my thing!!<3 i mean wat girl plays MW3?? I do:P ..... only sometimes.
  6.   Emma Stone!!<3OMG! i love her soo friggin much!! she's literally my girl crush.... and SPIDERMAN?? AHHHMAZINNGG!! (well it is called amazing spiderman...) Because she's in it<3Just GO see spiderman if u havnt already:)
Style Sense
  1.   Lucy Hale...Soo Pretty
  2.   i ABSOLUTELY LOVE rue 21! i love their fasion and everything about it
  3.   Well i really like berry flavors but i can't choose between apple or berry?? which one is better? COMMENT Below(:
  4.   I have TONS of makeup bags!! but wht i always need on me is my mascara and lipgloss>.<
  5.   I can't live without my blue butterfly shirt it sounds childish and stupid but it's the cutest thing i have and i LOVE IT!! IT'S SOO CUTE:) I also really love my strapless summer dress!! It's really pretty<3
  1.   I've had one BF but it doesn't really count cuz i nvr liked the guy and i don't have a BF right now and tht's how i like it in the summer:)
  2.   1/2 i don't like him but i do:/ If tht makes any sense?? well i only get to see him in school and tht's probs why.
  3.   He HAS to be funny(without just making fun of others in a funny and mean way)! He could have a little charm! and He needs to be nice to almost EVERYONE!! If only i could find a boy like THT!
  4.   LIAM HEMSWORTH! HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND HOT AND PRETTY AND CUTE AND OMG I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH:) My eyes pop when i see his pics 0.0 Sorry but isn't he just Amazing! It's like you die and go to heaven then come back!! (in a good way!) COMMENT IF YOU LOVE HIM JUST AS MUCH AS me>.<
  1.   I seriously don't know!! tht's wht little kids are for! (asking wht they won't to be for some ideas) i Really need to think about it though:)
  2.   New York!! I love New York and i Kno i really wanna go to college near it so i live their!!
  3.   A cruise to the Bahamas!! it would be so rad and beautiful<3 i really need to go on a cruise!! where poor kids in Africa would just wannt food): i feel bad:(
  4.   I would buy All my favorite stores so i own them and is able to wear all their clothes!! also but everything any girl would want! clothes.. shoes.. makeup.. walk in closet....mansion u kno wht i mean!!!
  5.   Y.O.L.O.........Don't Hate ME cause I'm beautiful and a bad past can bring a bright new and fun future...ohhh also Haters are My Motivators
  1.   Night Owl.. i'm horrible in the morning
  2.   Surprisingly I'm a vanilla Gal:P<) aww i tried to make an icecream cone:(
  3.   Go Righties!!!
  4.   Movie in theater (I think) Cuz it's fun at Home too! It's cool in theaters!!
  5.   Defenitley a Neat Freak it's just the way I am:) Tht's a good thing right??
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      The boring stuff most of the time..... Boring right?? But i do like to do Zumba and fun Excersizes too!!!
  2.   Fastpitch softball or laccrosse i CAN NOT choose!!
  3.   Believe By: Justin Beibs!!
  4.   To always have water and push through the hardest ones!!
  5. Goal Girl
      To weigh less then my younger sister ( only a year apart) and to get rid of my belly! SIXPACK ALL THE WAY!! or Fourpack:(
  6.   My Tummy Muscless like always:P
  7.   The GL Mag!!
  8.   no one in particular but probably a soccer woman!! Even though i don't play Soccer anymore:/
  9. Tasty Eats
      Nectarines or peachs or rasberries i Love FRUIT!!
  10.   Rasberry popscicles! Recipe on this website:D
  11.   I try Really hard to go for some sweet fruit! ...... sometimes it doesn't work out):
  12.   any problems with staying healthy(excersizes,eating) or being bullied!! Ask me anything!:)
  13.   staying away from those junky foods!! i know How but It's hard:/ Also drama! im going into a new school where theres drama!! how do i stay away from it??
  14.   yes!! anything to help me out!!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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