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bellaroo18's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer!! (:
  2.   Funn, always happy, athleticc(:
  3.   22,18,7 and 32!<3
  4.   hmm...i like blue, green, purple, and pink
  5.   a sister and two brothers! all younger than me!
  6.   idddkkk i have wavy curly dark brown hair and blue green grey eyes...ahah
In A Nutshell...
  1.   3D art, french, englishh
  2.   sports, homework, computer,eat
  3.   LoTs...soccer,volleyball,basketball,softball,track,skiing,aannddd snowboarding! i love to watch all of those plus football and hockey! haha
  4.   shopping, playing some sort of sport, hanging out with family and friends
  5.   i love alll!!! haha but pet-my rabbit mr. peanut! (my sister named it)
  6.   can always make me laugh, always there for me!
  7.   i love orange chicken, BBQ ribs, turkey sandwiches, cavatelli, chocolate, and french silk ice cream! (not all together though, that would be so gross =P)
  8.   lots of stuff! i love baking! and im good at make people laugh! tehee!
  9.   Delaware, New Jersey, Florida, Cozumel, Grand Caymen
My Faves…
  1.   american idol, modern family, suburgatory, the middle, the bachelor, pretty little liars, keeping up with the kardashians, modern family, the voice, the xfactor, fantasy factory, randy to the rescue, what not to wear, and my big fat gypsy wedding!
  2.   dodgeeballl, the proposaall, hot rod, bridesmaids, finding nemo, parent trap, anchorman,crazy,stupid,love, and the one direction tour dvd(:
  3.   hmm idk i have a lot of everyone! Love one direction SO much thoughhh(: <3
  4.   Pretty Little Liars Series, Clique Series, Princess Diaries Series, Boys next doornseries,Hunger Games, The Summer I Turned Pretty seriess! verry good and sad but fantastic! haha
  5.   JUSTTT DANCEEE 1,2, and 3! anddd guitar heroo, band hero, and super smash bros. brawl(: lol
  6.   sandra bullock, ashley benson, and lucy hale!
Style Sense
  1.   Hmmm, everyone! theres not just one fashion icon i have!
  2.   Pink, Hollister, Forever 21, express, and H&M
  3.   Mint lip tintt or raspberry creme!
  4.   idk...(: haha!
  5.   EVERYTHING! haahhaha
  1.   nopaaa! haha
  2.   none... i thinkk(:
  3.   cute, sweet, caring, kind, a little shy, funny, and amazing<3
  1.   fashion designer or a nurse!
  2.   New York City, Chicage, Ocean City (NJ), Bethany Beach, Siesta Key, Rome, Paris, London, or Ireland<3
  3.   everywhere! i want to go to europe, caribbeann (again) , Australia, American Samoa, Figi, Virgin Islands
  4.   shopppaannngg sppreeee, donate, save, and go on a trip
  5.   Live, Laugh, Love; live like youre dying; imperfection is beauty, madness is genus, and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than ridiculously boring!; the only rule in life is.... don't be boring, dress cute wherever you go, and life is to short to blend in!
  1.   NIGHT OWL!
  2.   Chocolate all the waay babaayyy! (=
  3.   Righty buttttt i can write a bit with my left hand! ohh and im a lefty in gymnastics! hehe
  4.   boootthhh! but on DVD you can be loouuuddd with your fraaands!
  5.   in between!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      situps, pushups, jogging, volleyball, sports, P90X babyy! hardcore stuff, i tell ya!
  2.   ALL! mostly vball and track thoughh<3
  3.   anything energetic!! :P
  4.   drink lots of water and dont give up if it gets too hard
  5. Goal Girl
      to stay active throughout the year
  6.   volleyball training! woot woot!
  7.   everything! haha
  8.   mia hamm and misty may trainor
  9. Tasty Eats
      pineappleeee or a smoothie...yumm!
  10.   depends, orange chicken, sub sandwich, stuff like that
  11.   walk away and eat something healthy but sweet like strawberries
  12.   anything
  13.   anything
  14.   YEAHHHH!!!!
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