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bellastar86's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Capricorn
  2.   who really cares? [OR] Let me think...
  3.   two and twelve; 2&12
  4.   purple&yellow
  5.   1 little sister, 1 big brother; both annoying
  6.   hm. I look like me. I am my own celebrity.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   creative writing, ancient history
  2.   internet!! I check for updates, and enter the GL contest every day, and usually I check my e-mail, and go on (SO addicting!); I also read whatever book I have at the time...
  3.   PLAY: soccer WATCH: I'd rather read
  4.   stuff on my favorite websites, reading, writing, drawing, watching TV, hanging out/talking with friends
  5.   cows are my favorite animals (I call them COWIES)... I like squirrels and penguins and turtles, too though... ooo! my most favorite animals are boys.
  6.   One is so shy and so sweet, she cares about me so much; one is so fun so crazy and random! ♥ and my guy friends are the biggest geeks in the world and they're so fun and so nice! ♥ LOVE ALL YOU GUYS!!
  7.   (I like food) cookie dough! spaghetti! ravioli! tacos! gnocci! ice cream! pumpkin pie! apple pie! ice cream cake! fudge! chocolate covered pretzels! turkey stuffing! chocolate! chocolate covered bananas!
  8.   .......profiles?
  9.   the cottage in Canada we have for the summer :)
My Faves…
  1.   Mythbusters, George Lopez, Unfabulous, That 70's Show, American Idol, ummm.....
  2.   Across the Universe, Beetlejuice, Juno, There's Something About Mary, Clueless, Tin Man, Twilight, and Zoolander!
  3.   the Beatles, Rhianna, Katy Perry, Sheryl Crow, Madonna, soundtrack to the musicals Mamma Mia and 13 and lots of other random songs(yes, I am a geek)
  4.   Twilight &series, the Host, Impossible, Kissed By An Angel &series, Everlost, Stargirl&sequel, the Phantom Tollbooth, and I have a whole big long list but I can't think of any more right now! lol I like books....
  5.   ...I don't like video games all that much...
  6.   ... does my fave author count? Stephenie Meyer is definetly popular enough to be a celebrity!
Style Sense
  1.   uhh...... {?????????}
  2.   Delia's!!! Abercrombie! Aeropostale! American Eagle! Claire's!
  3.   strawberry , stawberry skittles, fruit punch, vanilla
  4.   only thing I wear is lip gloss but hardly ever actually :l
  5.   my fave jeans and cute tees!
  1.   yeah my first one I have right now who I am OBSESSED with... and we are great together cause we had crushes on eachother for 2 years as good friends :) ♥♥♥♥geeks in love, because a loser+a loser=a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2.   um, one? are there people who actually like multiple people at a time while they have a boyfriend?
  3.   I don't like princes... I like normal boys.. princes are snotty... (lol)... as discovered by everything I've written above this you can gather that I prefer geeks over princes, thank you very much! ;)
  4.   uh, I don't know, some are cute, but I don't love anybody I don't know or anything (I am that rare girl who hates the cute jerks insteda of loves them. my bf is a cute geek, as you already know if you read the above lines) (and yes I am proud of that) (lol)
  1.   Best-selling author, psychiatrist/councelor, and artist
  2.   here?
  3.   Italy!
  4.   buy shoes, clothes, pets, jewelry, and a jillion online memberships! oo, and a library! And trips to visit my favorite authors everywhere!
  5.   you know, I can't remember any right now
  1.   NIGHT OWL! (half the time against my will)
  2.   CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3.   I'm a righty! righties are cool! (but I'm working on ambidextrous) ;)
  4.   theater with my friends
  5.   slob!
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