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belleoftheboulevard17's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   libra, although i have no idea why that's so important...
  2.   insane, nerdy, awesome ;)
  3.   17
  4.   pink
  5.   i have 3 lil' siblings and i love them all very much. ♥
  6.   susan boyle.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   chemistry
  2.   eateateateateateateateateatttttt. :'D
  3.   soccer! i may not be the best but i love it very much and it's so much fun. :):):):):)
  4.   ...........your mom..............
  5.   my kittenz. ♥
  6.   she is insane and amazing and hilarious and god, i just love her so much. she's always there for me and we're like freaking comedians. we always have so much fun together, laughing and being dorks, yet we can also have deep conversations. she's one of the few people that really understand me. LOVE YOU BUSTY. ♥
  7.   oh sweet jesus, i like so much. ummm...god. i just love chikfila and taco bell. like seriously, they have some good fucking food. mmmmm :)
  8.   people laugh...and stare at me like i'm a crackhead.
  9.   i wish my family went on vacation....but i guess disney. :)
My Faves…
  1.   pretty little liars (so cliche) and spongebob.
  2.   my girl and legally blonde!
  3.   boys like girls. i've been so obsessed for the past 3 years. ♥ i also love dashboard confessional, taking back sunday, relient k, late nite reading, lady gaga and adele.
  5.   JUST DANCE 3. hahahahaha
  6.   i really like adele. and my mom. she's pretty cool ;)
Style Sense
  1.   hmmmmm...i don't know. probably taylor swift or emma watson. they're so classy and pretty, and i really hate the whole slutty just got out of bed look.
  2.   pacsun, walmart, target, american eagle, hollister, quiet storm, k-koast...i'm pretty much a shopaholic haha.
  3.   people are so illiterate...
  4.   um well i always gotta have some lotion...don't wanna get all dry and stuff. but other than that, i usually wear mascara, brown eyeshadow, lip balm and lipgloss. i really don't like girls who cake on makeup, it looks awful in my opinion.
  5.   my uggs!
  1.   no, no.
  2.   hmmmm...i don't know, i don't have like one boy that i'm completely head over heels for.
  3.   a really sweet, smart, nerdy guy with good hair and good hygiene that knows not to wear ugly clothes from walmart.
  4.   i really like channing tatum, martin johnson, alex pettyfer and ummm i don't know?
  1.   hmmmmmm
  2.   anywhere but here.
  4.   buy my family a new house and save the rest for college or whatever.
  5.   "Don't pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, or those who have never loved." -Dumbledore. dumbledore is very inspiring. oh shit i'm gon' cry...RIP ALBUS DUMBLEDORE.
  1.   i'm not an owl...I WISH I WAS THOUGH.
  2.   chocolate
  3.   i'm right-handed.
  4.   i don't care.
  5.   both?
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      since this section is utterly pointless, i'll just fill it with random shit 'bout me. :)
  2.   1.) My name is Isabella, I'm 14 years old and in 9th grade.
  3.   2.) I'm usually rude and sarcastic but believe it or not, I can be pretty dang nice. But if you get on my bad side...guuurllll...
  4.   3.) I am not a people person. I am far too awkward to talk to people and usually end up making a fool of myself.
  5. Goal Girl
      4.) Probably one of my best qualities is I don't judge people. I absolutely hate close-minded people.
  6.   5.) I am always on Twitter. Ask me and I'll tell ya my username :)
  7.   6.) I am half Italian but I do a really good ghetto black grandma imitation. ;)
  8.   7.) I get really freaked out by anything. Scary movies are not my thing. I can get frightened by a Goosebumps episode or a Halloween kid's movie. I'm a wittle babayyy. :D
  9. Tasty Eats
      8.) I act more like a 8-year-old than a 14-year-old. I have Hello Kitty all over my room and I think I like playing with my 5-year-old sister's toys more than her. Being a little kid is funner than being a teenager.
  10.   9.) I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DON'T SPELL/USE GRAMMAR CORRECTLY. It's you're, not your. Than, not then. There, their and they're are all different. If you can't spell, GO BACK TO FIFTH GRADE. (sorry, but that's probably my biggest pet peeve!)
  11.   10.) I am super skinny and awkwardly tall. It's my biggest insecurity but I'm starting to realize that it's okay to not have huge boobs and big ass. I like who I am. :)
  12.   11.) I don't understnad the big fuss over Justin Bieber. I mean, like him or hate them. Chill the fuck out.
  13.   12.) I've been on and off this website since I was 10 (it's changed so much!). I honestly have no clue why I'm making an account. I guess I'm just bored...yeah, I am.
  14.   13.) Well, just talk to me if you ever want to. My bark is stronger than my bite, trust me.
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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