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bmxchic549's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Cancer - July 3!!! <3
  2.   Smart; Spaz; Crazy
  3.   645-I was right on the nose for three guess how many are in the jar!!!!
  4.   Green
  5.   My brother Nicholas... can't live with him, can't live without him
  6.   NONE. : (
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Science, Social Studies, Chorus... heck I love every class... i'm a nerd... :)
  2.   SPORTS!!!! especially BMX!!!!! <3
  3.   BMX
  4.   BMX
  5.   DOLPHINS!!!! <3
  6.   She is smart, funny, peppy, and super nice. the only froot loop in a world of cheerios... well besides me :)
  7.   Fadiah. Not only is it good to eat, it is fun to make!!! Anyone up for a flour face???
  8.   people laugh
  9.   Bar Harbor, Maine
My Faves…
  2.   Eclipse, Easy A, Vampire's suck, and TANGLED!!!!!!!!!! Eugene Fitzherbert <3
  4.   I read five books a week, and they expect me to pick ONE!!! Silly profile makers.
  5.   Mario Kart <3
  6.   Nikki Blonsky and TAYLOR SWIFT
Style Sense
  1.   Okay, so I am a total tomboy... What the heck is this suppose to mean???
  2.   Powers bike and for clothes it would be AE, Aero, or Delila's
  3.   Peppermint, Winter Green, and Coke (bonne bell)... amd suprisingly- pumpkin spice
  4.   Eye liner and mascara
  5.   My skinny jeans that i cut a little hole in a hole from when my brother ran over me on his bike... yeah that kind of hurt... lol
  1.   No and No. I am enjoying the single life while I can :)
  2.   three!!!!! <3 But there are still a lot of cute ones!!!
  3.   Sporty, funny, and of course, sensitive, protective, and cute!!! <3
  4.   JOSH HUTCHERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 and EVAN BOURNE AND GREYSON CHANCE <3
  1.   storm chaser, stunt double, pro bmxer, actress for musicals and movies... :)
  2.   Bar Harbor/Hollywood
  3.   Bar Harbor, Maine <3 my fave place in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!! and Paris... I have always wanted to go there.
  4.   Parts for my bike and for actiing camp in Paris <3
  5.   Straight edge- I have choosen this path not to fit a mold, not to join a trend, not to follow a crowd, but because it is right for me -xXx I'm such a good cook. even the smoke detectors cheering me on! Be a froot loop in a world of cheerios How the heck does paper beat rock, ok i'll throw a rock at you while you protect yourself with a piece of paper... 98% of city drivers would say holy cow before going into a ditch before going into a ditch during a snow storm while 98% of country driver's would say hold my beer and watch this 7 days without you makes one week friends are like bras, close to your heart and always there to support you your riding at full speed, there's a giraffe besides you... and your being chased by a lion.. what do you do??? get you drunk butt of the carousel... I'll just pretend to hug you until you get here Only in America do we have labels on strollers to remind people to remember to take out the baby before folding the stroller some nice people at the hospital have given me a new jacket. It has buckles on it and I can hug myself daily fact- in utah it is illegal to operate a wheel barrel while drunk well as it turns out i am not a jedi i called you boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse I wish i had saved all the tears i had cried for you so that i could drown you in them. why is it after i press one for english i still can't understand the person on the otherside It still haunts what i did for that klondike bar a guy gave a girl a dozen roses, eleven real, one fake and then said i will love you untill the last flower dies thinks i have found the sure to stupidity-a shock collar!!! and if that doesn't sure them, at east you got a good laugh at watching them twitch is so happy mcdonalds doesnt sell hot dogs, i just don't think i would be able to order a mcweiner with a straight face!!! and don't get me started on supersizing!!! Is currently unsepervised.. be afraid people, be very afraid. A friend stabs you in the back, a bf stabs you in the heart, a stranger stabs you in the front while bffs just poke ech other with straws a good friend helps you up when you fall, while a bast friend just pushes you back down while laughing thier arse off If grown men could hug like teenage girls, there would be no more war :) If every person sings one note, there won't be any harmony!!! If every perosn put in their own pretty color, it would turn grey :) :) :)
  1.   Night Owl
  2.   Vanilla
  3.   Righty
  4.   Flick on DVD... I get too ansy in the theaters.
  5.   Neat Freak. Can't be neat but can't stand messy.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      The one from GL, BMX, and my weightlifting in gym class.
  2.   BMX. Didn't they already ask this question?
  3.   Green Day Again they already asked a question exactly like this.
  4.   ALWAYS HAVE FUN!!!!!
  5. Goal Girl
      To get number one in the region and nation eventually.
  6.   How to have fun when I am doing work-outs.
  7.   People who tell me I can do it and give me construsted-critisism.
  8.   Dominique Daniels, Carly Young, Alaina Henderson. Kelly Clark. Rachel "Thunder" Smith.
  9. Tasty Eats
      Apples with peanut butter.
  10.   Salad, grill cheese w/ ketchup, fadiah and tabouleh.
  11.   WANT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
  12.   Anything.
  13.   How to keep exercising fun!!!
  14.   YES!!!!!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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