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All About Me!
  1.   Hi chicas and welcome to the BookLoverClub page!
  2.   The BookLoverClub is a club for all the bookworms out there to share their favorite reads and read about other great books to read any day of the year!
  3.   To join the club, just leave a comment saying you want to join and you're in!
  4.   We will keep you posted about what the club is doing and you can check back here to get the latest and greatest titles
  5.   The staff will consist of the President, and reporters.
  6.   The reporters will read books and tell the president how awesome they were and if you would suggest them by leaving a comment on this page.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   The staff is President:Emily Reporters: espitt, daughtry fan, lootiegal, ray ray, Glittergal32, tinxangel12, dancerhn, abhonorollgirl, soccer28q, varsityFHplaya141,
  2.   The President and VP will make any major changes to this page and we will put any changes to a vote with all of our reporters if needed.
  3.   The President and VP also read books and report back to this page, but they have other duties as well.
  4.   Those duties include lettingeveryone know if any changes are occuring and sending out ballots via comments on your pages.
  5.   The rules of the BookLoverClub are:
  6.   1: All books that are reported must be appropriate for teenagers.
  7.   2: To report a good book, leave a comment on this page with the title and a mini-review of the book. I will post it as soon as I can. I will edit reviews if necessary. Please do not advertise on the comments. Comments are for people to ask to join or submit a review.
  8.   3: Most of the page (from udner rule 4 and down) will be dedicated for mini-reviews which will be rotated periodically
  9.   4: Have fun, and READ!
My Faves…
  1.   Hi everyone this is Emily, the President and I just finished reading Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City. This book is about 6 girls who discover an undergroud city that is over 100 years old. The girls face challenges such as a pack of starving rats, an evil princess and her greegy mother and a gang of theives that want to use the underground city to smuggle stolen goods. It is a really good page-turner. When I read it, I couldn't put it down!
  2.   Hi everyone! this is reporter espitt and I just finished reading Princess Academy.It is about a girl named Miri who lives in a mountain village. when the prince of the kingdom has to pick a girl to marry from the mountain village, miri and all the other girls have to go to school to learn how to be a princess. then the school gets attacked by bandits and miri rescues all the other girls! it is Soooooo good!
  3.   Hello, this is reporter lootiegal and my review is for Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator.Gilda Joyce is 13 years old. She is headstrong, loves wearing disguises, and is very interested in paranormal activity. So, when she goes to San Fransisco to stay with her long-lost relatives, she discovers that there is deftinitely something weird going on...this is the first book in a series. the books are really, really good! i deftinitely recommend this book!
  4.   What's Up? This is GlitterGirl32 and Here's a book review on: Wintergirls. Wintergirls is a story of a girl who takes a spiraling trip into anerexia. With her best friend dead and haunting her, Lia needs to find a way to save herself. Will she stay a wintergirl forever like her best friend? Or will she live once more? Very good story, but a little slow at the beginning and middle. The descriptions are a-mazing! The use of figurative language makes the novel an even better read. I suggest this read for girls who are hard core book worms or else you will give up after the first chapter! ENJOY!
  5.   This is dancerhn and here is a Review on the May Bird Trilogy The May Bird books are about a shy girl named May Bird, who lives in a very small town and with a bald cat named Somber Kitty. May loves to explore the woods behind her house, but there were always stories of certain people who went deep into the woods, and never came back. One day, May went into the woods, and saw a lake. Soon, something was pulling her deep under the water, and she "awakes" in a different world, where living people are not allowed to be, only dead. May is soon accompinied by a ghost named Pumpkin, and is reunited with Somber Kitty. May needs to get back home, before it is too late... These books are the best, but the book I just described was the first book, May Bird and the ever after. These books are real page turners!
  6.   Hey! This is tinxangel12. i have a review on a really good book: The 39 Clues: Maze of Bones It is the first book of The 39 Clues, a series that has published up to 4. The series will eventually consist of 10 books. In the Maze of Bones, Amy and Dan Cahill find out that their family... the Cahills... are the most powerful family in the world. Their recently dead grandmother, Grace Cahill, announces through a video at her will reading that she is sending her family on the search for the 39 clues... clues that if a person finds them all will make them the most powerful person in the world. She makes them decide between 1 million dollars and the first clue. Amy and Dan, among the lesser percentage of the family, choose the first clue... and they are thrown into danger.
Style Sense
  1.   rayray here! Hey I have a review, so here it is. Its called the "City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments" they are 3 books in the series(so far, i think). Anyways, Its about a girl named Clary, one night she is in a club, when she can suddenly see demons, werewolves, vampires, and other stuff she thought was all a myth. She is then thrown in the world of Shadowhunters. That is when the real adventure begins....You seriously got read it
  2.   I have a review on the book If I Told You I Loved You, Then I'd Have To Kill You. It's the first book of the currently 3 books in the Gallagher Series (The author, Ally Carter, says she's currently working on a fourth) --- Cameron Ann Morgan is a spy at the infamous Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. Everyone who doesn't know they're spies in training thinks they're bored heiresses with no other school 2 go 2. One day on a mission she meets the cutest boy. But soon, she'll have to choose between her fellow sisters and the boy. Who will she choose? Read to find out!! by tinxangel12
  3.   This is tinxangel12 and I have a review on the book Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, the second installment in the Gallagher Academy series. Cammie's back and breaking hearts. Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young WOMEN does an exchange with a different spy school. This spy school brings a lot of secrets and someone Cammie cannot resist. Wanna find out what and who? Just read the book!!
  4.   This is abhonorollgirl, here's a review on Chicken Soup for The Teenager's Soul: It has a lot of different stories on hardships that teens go through and they are true stories! Also poems that teens have wrote (and they're excellent!) I just finished that book yesterday and I loved it! Some of the stories are sad and will make you tear up. And others are joyful and full of life. If you like any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books this one is a must read!
  5.   I'm Glitterfilr32 and I currently finished a wonder-ful book! It's called War of the Witches and I strongly recommend it. You can check it out at any library! Anaid is short for her age, too smart to be popular, and-like every other teen-often annoyed by her beautiful, eccentric mother. But when her mother mysteriously disappears, Anaid discovers what makes her different: she is a witch. And not just any witch, but the daughter of the chosen one. Her mother was prophesied to end the violent was between the Omar witch clan and the bloodthirsty Odish. According to the stars, the prophecy is due to be fulfilled. Anaid has always ignored her family's secrets. But now that her mother is missing and the prophecy's time is upon them, Anaid must begin to listen, to accept, and to take her place among the Omar clan. As she journeys to exotic lands in search of her mother, Anaid will discover her extraordinary powers and at last fulfill her unusual destiny-even if it's not the path that she, or any of the clan, expected.
  1.   Hy, this is tinxangel12, I have a review on Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover, the third book in the Gallagher Girl series. Cammie is back again. A mysterious attack upon Macey occurs by mysterious attackers. Now Cammie is doing everything to protect Macey but hasn't Cammie learned? Everything is definitely NOT what it seems!!
  2.   NOTE: Sorry for the inconvenience, but any reviews submitted past July 9th 2009 need to be three sentences or shorter. This is because there are some reviews that are taking up way too much space, and the profile will begin to be too long to read. Thank you!
  3.   I have a review on Best Friends for Never, the second book in The Clique series by Lisi Harrison. Massie decides to throw the first ever boy-girl Halloween party but to pull this feat off, she needs help from LBR (Loser Beyond Repair) Claire. Wearing her "daredevil" costume to school makes the staff make a shocking decision. Now, they have to wear school uniforms (gasp!).
  4.   Hey! Alright well I just finished the book Shug by Jenny Han. While you're reading this book, you will be absorbed in Shug's family life, love life, and everything in between. Shug's real name is Annemarie Wilcox, but her family calls her Shug. She is a twelve year old girl. And while reading Shug, you will learn all about her and her troubles. I recommend this book to girls from the ages 11 to 15. It has 248 pages. Read Shug by Jenny Han to be transformed to Shug's life.
  1.   Hey there! I have a review on a wonderful book called, Vasco, Leader of the Tribe. Vasco, a rat that has grew up on a harbor all his life is forced to leave because his tribe has mysteriously disappeared. When he finds out humans are the cause of this, he gathers a clan of rats, and they flee aboard a ship. Hoping to find a safer place to live, Vasco leads his new found tribe over land to find a true place to call home. This book may look easy on the outside, but it has very good vocabulary and a fast paced plot!
  2.   I have a review on Revenge of the Wannabes, the third Clique book in the series by Lisi Harrison. Alicia has stabbed Massie in the back by creating her own clique, even getting Wannabes to play Kristen and Dylan and stabbing Massie in the back once again to steal Kristen, Dylan, and Claire. Tensions rise and it's soon unleashed.
  3.   I have a review on the book Invasion of the Boy Snatchers, the fourth book in the Clique series. Massie and Claire are closer than eva but Massie knows a secret that can cuh-mpletely destroy their relationship. Plus, Alicia's Spanish cousin Nina Callas has come to Westchester and are stealing the PC's crushes. What will happen next in this crazy clique-y world?
  4.   I have a review on the book The Pretty Committee Strikes Back, the fifth book in the Clique Series. Ehmagawd!! The OCD-Briarwood camping trip is coming up and that only means one thing to the PC...boys, boys, and boys!! Will they snag their crushes before it's way too late?The Clique: the only thing harder than getting in is staying in!
  5.   I have a review on Dial L for Loser, the sixth book in the Clique series. The Pretty Committee has been expelled from OCD. Now, they have a chance to star in a feature film directed by famous director Rupert Mann. But what happens when Kuh-LAIRE wins the spot over Massie. There's sure to be a catfight worth the big screen!!
  1.   I have a review on the book It's Not Easy Being Mean, the seventh book in the Clique series by Lisi Harrison. The Pretty Committee (PC) has been readmitted into OCD, but now they face a bigger problem: finding the key that eighth grade alpha Skye Hamilton has set them on a quest for. There's one big problem however: they can't let the LBRs get it FIRST! Who will get the key and be eighth grade's automatic alphas?
  2.   I have a review on Sealed with a Diss, the eighth book in the Clique series. The PC have gotten the key and the famous room, where they find the best thing ever, a camera showing everything that the boys are doing!! But when the camera goes down and they try to fix it? Bigger problems await them now...
  3.   I have a review on the first book in the Clique Summer Collection: Massie by Lisi Harrison.Massie's been kicked out of Galwaugh camp and her parents have maxed out all her cards (OMG!). Now, if Massie wants all her money back, she has to get a (gulp) job. What will Massie DO?
  4.   I have a review on the second book in the Clique: Summer Collection called Dylan by Lisi Harrison. Dylan goes 2 Hawaii w/ her mom and meets the famous tennis star/short-fused Svetlana. She also meets her a cute hawty!! But when she needs Svetlana to help her, will her plan go smooth-sailing or blow up in fumes?
  5.   I have a review on the third book in the Clique Summer Collection called Alicia. Alicia goes to spain to visit her cousins (including Nina). But when everything goes wrong will she need the help of Nina to come back on top?
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      I have a review on the the fourth book in the Clique Summer Collection, Kristen. Kristen is stuck in Westchester for the summer, forced to tutor a 10-year old Massie-wannabe. But Kristen starts to crush on Ripple's surf-loving brother, Dune?? Will the relationship go smooth-sailing? Or will they hit some rocky waves?
  2.   I have a review on the final book of the Clique Summer Collection: Claire by Lisi Harrison.Claire is back in Orlando with (YAY!) her O-BFFs (Orlando BFFs). But when the girls see Claire, they think she's changed too much, and not for the better!! Will Claire be able to convince the girls she's the same gummy-loving girl? Or will they have to split apart?
  3.   I have a review on the ninth book in the Clique series, Bratfest at Tiffany's. With all their crushes CRUSHED, Massie decides that it's time for the PC to go on a boyfast. To commemorate it, she even gets them super-cool bracelets!! But what happens when Alicia goes to behind the PC's backs to date Josh?
  4.   I have a review on the tenth book in the Clique series, PS I Loathe You.With the PC's boyfast nixed, the girls are ready to stake out their crushes. But what happens when Dylan steals Derrington, Kristen is working for both Massie AND Layne to find out if Dempsey Solomon like s them BOTH, and Alicia backstabs Massie once again and creates her own cheerleading squad, taking out Massie's? Watch out girls! U messed with the wrong girl!!!
  5. Goal Girl
      I have a review on the eleventh book in the Clique series, Boys R Us. The entire PC has split (again!). Alicia has created her new crew, the Soul-M8s, the first ever boy-girl clique. Kristen and Dylan are full in the Soul-M8s but Claire wants to pull a Switzerland. Meanwhile, Massie is planning revenge with Layne and she buys (gasp!) MODELS to play as her BFFs. What happens in this crazy clique world next?
  7. My Healthy You Journal  
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