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bridoll's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   libra september 26 !!!
  2.   awsome,sporty, smart , street smarts, coniveing, talkitive
  3.   12 ,26, 96,9
  4.   Green w/ Pink or Green wit blue ..
  5.   none (only child thank u lord)
  6.   none (well i don't think so anyway)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math and scince ( chemicals and blowing stuff up)
  2.   just being who i wanna be
  3.   softball - basketball - golf - baseball - vollyball (fishing IDK if that is something to play but i love 2 fish!!)
  4.   anything im just mixed up no schedual just go wit flow
  5.   cats- my cat ms.kitty she is 2 1/2 !!!! and dogs-dustin &beamer( jock & lady at my grandmas jj at my papas ) !! and my papas horses and rabbits
  6.   her personality and her way to make me laugh just by smileing and her humer she always can tell me a joke good or chessey !!
  7.   chicken and poke salad (collord greens seasoned)and chinese food and mexican food like exsotic stuff
  8.   art and a mess( lol ) i waz in GT art for 3 years i placed 3rd in state 3 times for my paintings and pastels i always take pride in everything and art lets me show my emotion that im feeling through colors and shapes
  9.   myrtle beach - ocean lakes & ocean side villege ohh and germany munich--hilton head
My Faves…
  1.   degrassi. full house . pretty little liars.what i like about you,suite life on deck , secret life of american teenager big and Rob AND i love to watch jeff dunham (i love peanut and senior jalepeno on a stick )
  2.   DEAR JOHN!!!!
  3.   jason aldean. sean kingston , nickelback . pink floyd .
  4.   2008 and 2009 book of world records , wendsenday wars , DEAR JOHN
  5.   crash , fashon diva, tetris, pac man, or any of my handheld games (electronic version of monopoly)
  6.   selena gomez and amanda bindes , emily osmet ,hayden paneteair ,
Style Sense
  1.   channel , Aeropostale, Hollister, American Eagle, Hot topic, Rue21, Journeys, Spencers
  2.   aeropostal and american eagle, Hollister, Hot topic, Rue21, Journeys, Spencers
  3.   So natural u cnt tell and it smells like cinnomin
  4.   well i don't have one but i have a nike bag i keep in my locker .a brush and a extra pair of shorts never know when you may need a pair of shorts to play basketball
  5.   jeans and graphic Ts and if my nike bag MY HAIRBRUSH!!!! to let everyone know i never go ANYWHERE without my brush
  1.   yes, and yes
  2.   4 ..... wht? i can b taken and AVALIBLE!
  3.   can make me smile on a rainy day. can take my hand and chills rush up my spine. he is masculant . blonde hair blue eyes football player . o wait i got mine
  1.   lawyer, doc, Cop, Athletic trainer for the colts football league
  2.   don't matter
  3.   germany or china or alps and a ranch i would love to ride horses for my summer vacay
  4.   have a manchen and seven italian sport cars and a charity home for the homeless
  5.   ---text me 1st or we dont text at all---you must give to me as you want me to give to you--- it takes more 2 frown than 2 smile --- music is just 1way i find my inner sweetheart---- love is only 1 sylabole and 4 letters i hate you is 3 sylabols and 8 letters which one wood u rather have 2 say n a nano sec. dont hate !
  1.   Night Owl -- i can stay up all night and sleep all day (shaun kingston)
  2.   vanilla (cookies and cream YUM!!)or Homemade Strawberry w/ strawberries from strawberry hill (Cooly's)
  3.   lefty
  4.   dvd
  5.   in the middle im not a total slob but im not always neat ..... so im in the middle
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      running or shooting hoops or running the bases at the softball feild AND CRUNCHES ! AND PUSH UPS !
  2.   softball and basketball and golf
  3.   Country. Craig Campbell- Family Man,Jason aldean-Big Green Tractor,Jason Aldean-Shes Country, Chris Young- voices,
  4.   my family and friends and my mirror
  5.   my cousin anita BIG Basket Ball star
  6.   eat a apple or have a mint
  7.   guys school anything u want 2 bc believe it or not ive been through alot
  8.   nothin in a nutshell
  9.   NO
  11. My Healthy You Journal  
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