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All About Me!
  1.   Leo, a summer babe! ROAR. I am saying roar because the leo sign is a lion and lions go roar. Just in case you didn't know. By the way, roar is i love you in dinosaur.
  2.   Fun, friendly, outgoing, energetic, optimistic,and funny! And my friends call me entertaining, whatever THATS supposed to mean. Oops, that was 7. I am stating the obvious because I want to make sure everyone knows i CAN count.
  3.   11
  4.   Yellow because it's bright and cheery and also Bright Blue and all its other neon friends.
  5.   An annoying little sister. Who says that little sisters are cute? People who don't have one!
  6.   Well I look like my dad but he isn't a celebrity.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Spanish or Earth Science. I'm in smarticle science.
  2.   Swim, do homework and eat Halloween candy
  3.   Play: track, swimming and skiing Watch: Baseball
  4.   Anything with my friends, catching up on homework
  5.   Hedgehogs. I want one, and I will name it Cheerio. And obvi, my pup-a-do Boggs.
  6.   All my BFFs are amazing i love everything about all of them.
  7.   Pizza. Aren't I original?
  8.   people laugh and friends
  9.   The beach.
My Faves…
  1.   House, The middle and modern family
  2.   16 candles XD
  3.   ke$ha, hwood, Taylor swift, 3OH!3
  4.   Bad Girls Don't die. It's ligit scary. Also the Pretty Little Liars books. And definitly not any of the twilight books
  5.   Mario Karts for wii. So what if I crash into walls and drive off ledges?
  6.   No female sorry
Style Sense
  1.   Nobody has a style I like so....
  2.   Aeropostale, Bath and Body Works and Blossom.
  3.   pink lemonade-skittles-cotton candy. My own creation.
  4.   Concealer even though I dont have too many breakouts and eyeliner
  5.   My fuzzy wuzzy jammies.
  1.   noppers
  2.   Three
  3.   Fun, funny, trustworthy, sweet, and brushes off the embarassing things
  4.   Not into that
  1.   a party planner, or something in the magazine industry.
  2.   Long Island; there are beaches and mountains and either are between 1/2-2 hours away.
  3.   Australia. Hello? Wild Koala Bears!!!!!
  4.   Get gray ugh boots and save for college
  5.   Do something that scares you everyday. to the world u may b 1 person but 2 1 person u may be the world
  1.   I have the most energy at night, although I am a very energetic person.
  2.   Chocolate except for cake. I HATE CHOCOLATE CAKE.
  3.   Righty
  4.   Theater. Sometimes on DVD there are scratches if you rent it and i just don't have the patients for that.
  5.   Well neither are very flattering terms, but I like my room somewhat clean.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Here are some random facts about me
  2.   I love school
  3.   I am a picky eater. I hate all seafood, ricotta, and parm cheese
  4.   I love the summer. The beach, pool, being with friends, Ices and ice cream and no stress.
  5. Goal Girl
      I am very laughable. I laugh at everything and anything.
  6.   I may act stupid, but im just joking around.
  7.   I can't turn a cart wheel.
  8.   I hate being sick so I have orange juice every morning to boost my vit.C
  9. Tasty Eats
      I like to do safe things that scare me.
  10.   I am scared of ghosts and ghosty stuff, people hiding in my room and NEEDLES.
  11.   I can get up very early and still have energy.
  13. My Healthy You Journal  
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