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carlycat2's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   sagitarious
  2.   CRuh-AeZAaY,stylin,and friendly and IIINNSANEEE
  3.   13 teehee
  4.   plum(deep purple) or black or red or blue or yellow or IDK all of them!!
  5.   twin bro
  6.   i sorta look like a mix of taylor swift and emily osmet d-_-b i have hazel eyes though and they change tints to wat i wear its totally awesome exspecailly since i love fashion and hate color contacts i can see fine lol
In A Nutshell...
  1.   science/s.s.
  2.   dance classes
  3.   soccer/swimming and dancing
  4.   hangin with my besties/chillin/chatting online
  5.   KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or any otha baby animal.....................mostly KITTENS!!!
  6.   they R the funniest and most trustworthy biffles i cant chose one...............JESSICA
  7.   CHOCOLATE...........does that count as food?? d-.-b(or dessert hehe)i like omelets?
  8.   drawing almost anything
  9.   hawaii although ive never been
My Faves…
  1.   dancing with the stars
  2.   harry potter all of them exept 3 star wars and parent trap with lindsay lohan and twilight
  3.   meh <3's my green day and well other ppl too and paramore and i even sorta sing like her ive been practicing im :p im in the bussiness of misery lets take from the top shes got a body like an hour glass its ticking like a clock it matter of time b4 we all run out when i thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth i waited 8 long mounths she finally set him free well i cant lie he is the only one for me blah de blah de blah but i wear the biggest smile woh i never meant to brag but i got him where i want him now woh it was never my intension to brag im just stealing him away frome you now god does it feel so good i got where i want him right now well god it just fells soooooo it just fells so good :p my fav song i didnt even need to check the words i new them!!!!
  4.   twilight!!!/my sis the vampire
  5.   imagine teacher or the sims 3 or style savvy
  6.   hayley williams i couldnt think of her name and sorta taylor swift
Style Sense
  1.   MMMEEEEE and that is only cuz i fashoin design not bc im selfish
  2.   aeroooooooopostle o_Ohuhhe......huh he huh hehehehehehe or wetseal BEST STORES EVA!!!!!!!
  3.   I only like EXOTIC flavors (i really have NO idea)
  4.   lip gloss NO mascara NO both! omg only one!! and liner teehee
  5.   my uggs they r letting us where it with our uniform for winter
  1.   no im in private school(if we mention kissing and bgf relationships they give us a lecture and say u better marry that person!!! well thats what it sounds like) ugh one word UNIFORM
  2.   like half of one lol and everyone thinks hes gay SOOO EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!
  3.   rocker boy the sweet and funny kind that actually likes me 4 me that i can trust and be myself around that has bright green eyes and long brown hair well not that long like about umm right b4 the shoulder that swoops to the side i know im picky but the first part is most important that wud probably make me drool if i actually meet someone like that (sigh...)
  4.   Robert Pattinson YAY well i like twilight now i saw it and now i like it YAY
  1.   pediatrition (doctor 4 kids i wont do shots though im too squeemish lol)
  2.   idk um um um um um new york?????!!! o_O(where i live now) or athens greece or whatever like GREECE
  3.   hawaii/paris/greece
  4.   give to haiti then shop then give the rest to my friend my other friends r pretty much rich lol
  5.   bc i said so lol hehehe and follow ur first instinct and never forsake ur dreams
  1.   night owl definitly @_@ its a deranged owl DONT ASK!!!!!
  2.   as i said b4 CHOCOLATE
  3.   righty does it really matter??? cuz it dont
  4.   theateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer erer
  5.   in the middle sorta neater though lol idk really well i do admit i am a neat freak but i have too much in my small room for it to actually seem neat im a pack rat i still have stuff in my room from second grade!!!!! lol
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      RANDOM DANCING YEAH... YEAH... YEAH, COMeON!!! well its from icarly and my name is carly sooooooo yeah
  2.   soccer/swimming and dancing
  3.   uhhhhh music i dont know
  4.   do as much as u can u can usually do more than workouts say to doand if u can only do one then atleast try to do atleast 2 more
  5. Goal Girl
      to beat wii fit yay
  6.   wii fit yay?
  7.   wii fit yay?!?!?!?!?!and tht im almst lghtr thn all my bff im nt cmpeting thgh
  8.   ummm nobody exept umm no really nobody no wait that person that just got kicked off dancing with the stars umm Natalie something she is an olimpic swimmer and for dancing its Mya she isnt a dancer but she did a KILLER job in dancing with the stars and i dont know soccer players
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   ENGLISH MUFFIN PIZZAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is the only thinf i know how to make it is soooooo simple and well lasagnia but i cant do it without my daddy and um i spell it badly :P
  11.   i eat a small portion then eat something healthier l8r um pretty much just eat wat u like lol :D
  12.   warm ups and strecthes and small workouts im not good with other stff
  13.   the other stuff and eating healthyerier lol d-.-b
  14.   not really but ill help u
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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