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cellphone1847's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Gemini
  2.   Smart,funny,Tall
  3.   4
  4.   Blue
  5.   Greg
  6.   None
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Social studies
  2.   Play on my iPod
  3.   Basketball
  4.   Hanging with friends
  5.   Puppies
  6.   She's funny
  7.   Eggrolls
  8.   Treats
  9.   Tennessee
My Faves…
  1.   Once upon a time
  2.   12 angry men
  3.   Taylor swift
  4.   All the lovely bad ones
  5.   Temple run
  6.   Selena Gomez
Style Sense
  1.   Selena Gomez
  2.   Claires
  3.   Nothing but everything!!!!!
  4.   My shoes
  1.   No
  2.   2
  3.   Cute,funny,nice
  4.   None
  1.   Fashion designer
  2.   Honolulu
  3.   Hawaii
  4.   Save 1/4 and go shopping
  5.   Life's short eat dessert first
  1.   Night owl
  2.   Vinilla
  3.   Righty
  4.   DVD
  5.   Neat Freak
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Jumping jacks
  2.   Gymnastics
  3.   Any
  4.   Stretch first
  5. Goal Girl
      Eat less candy
  6.   Eating less candy
  7.   Music
  8.   None
  9.   Mississippi fritter fried chicken strips
  10.   Tell myself I dont want to be fat
  11.   Anything but boys
  12.   Boys
  13.   No
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What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?


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