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club peace*love*&happiness's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   hey girlies!!!
  2.   welcome to club peace*love*&happiness! I've been seeing tons of clubs lately and just thought i'd start my own, so here it is :-)
  3.   if you want to become a member just comment on this profile and fill out the new member survey below
  4.   NEW MEMBER SURVEY: 1. your name 2. your age 3. your grade 4. fav tv show 5. fav book 6. your birthday (month and date) 7. fav food 8. anything else you want to say
  6.   here's our ~sister clubs~ : beauty and fahion 101, absolutely girly
In A Nutshell...
  1.   if you would like to have a position in the club (they are located below and in the healthy you section of the profile) just comment me and you'll get an application
  3.   vp: sk8chix997
  4.   miss foody: gives recipes
  5.   the beauty babe: Twilight_Fan_88
  6.   miss boy crazy: skylarsky10
  7.   the fab fashionista: dancer2998
  8.   the health and fitness guru: PigFish89697
  9.   dear katie: kutiekt
My Faves…
  1.   the quiz lover: rainbowsparkle98
  2.   princess of randomness: modchick21
  3.   treehugger: BlondiH72
  4.   the bookworm: milklover911
  5.   advertiser: ilovepoms72, volleyballchicky99 *this is an unlimited postion so everyone can be an advertiser even if you have another position!*
  6.   media maven talks all about celebs, tv shows, movies, gives reviews and gossip :)
Style Sense
  1.   sporty sista gives advice/tips/tricks about sports and becoming great at them!
  2.   darling dancer: gives dance advice
  3.   if any of you ladies have any suggestions for me just tell me in a comment and i'll see what i can do
  4.   GIRLIES WITH POSITIONS: if you have any suggestions about your position or want to add anything or take anything away from your job just tell me and we can work something out
  5.   this weeks theme is going to be: back to school dares! (by the winner of the vp's contest)
  1.   BTS DARES:
  2.   1. WILL YOU DARE TO… flirt with a lot of new hotties or try to finally get in a serious relationship ???
  3.   2. WILL YOU DARE TO… sit in the front of the class or hang around for an after school study hall???
  4.   3. WILL YOU DARE TO… try fabbing up your friendships or grab your BFF try and ditch the rest for the "it" group???
  1.   4. WILL YOU DARE TO… try a new sport or try out for captain of the team you were already on???
  2.   5. WILL YOU DARE TO… get a date for that approaching fall dance or go with ur girls and just have fun???
  3.   6. WILL YOU DARE TO… tell ur crush (finally!) that you like him or keep up those creepy stares and crazy giggles until he gets the picture???
  1.   CLUB NEWS!!!
  2.   quiz lover is rainbowsparkle98 :)
  3.   beauty babe is: Twilight_Fan_88 bookworm is: milklover911 thank you to everyone that applied for those positions soo sorry if you didn't get it but please apply for something else! :)
  4.   treehugger is BlondiH72 health & fitness guru is PigFish89697 thank you to everyone that applied for those positions soo sorry if you didn't get it but please apply for something else! :)
  5.   i've added a new position: media maven & sporty sista-look in the job section for more info. you can also give me suggestions for other jobs on my profile: beauty4girls :)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   secret spy sista: tells us about what other clubs are doing, celebs, gossip, and things people do
  3.   sassy singer: gives singing advice
  5. My Healthy You Journal  
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