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5 HOURS AGO Who else is *so* ready for #Thanksgiving tomorrow? This is a sneak peek of us in like fourteen hours:

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All About Me!
  1.   Ask Questions!
  2.   Join the board! I am the president, Grace.
  3.   Board Positions: Vice President, Guy Guru, Fashionista, Make-up Magician, Sporty Shorty, Advice Altruistic, Cub, Chickie
  4.   Amount per position: Vice President: 1, Guy Guru: 1-2, Fashionista: 1-2, Make-up Magician: 1-2, Sporty Shorty: 1-2, Advice Altruistic: 1-2, Cub: 1-30, Chickie: 1- 30
  5.   How to Apply: Answer these questions in number order.1. What is your name? 2. What do job do you want? 3. Why do you deserve this job? 4. How will you benefit this club and the people in it? 5. When is your birthday (no year needed)?
  6.   The jobs taken are: President: Grace (me), Vice President: Katie, Make-up Magician: Kelsie, Erynn, Fashionista: choco63, puppylover1152, Guy Guru: Cassie, Rachel, Sporty Shorty: Emily/Georgi, Lexxi, Avice Altrustic: Olivia, Emily, Cub: Britney, Chloe, Tatianna, Chickie: Mariah, Sydney
In A Nutshell...
  1.   What each job does: Vice President: The vice president posts comments, quotes, quizzes, and surveys. They also hope get the word out when contests and such come up. Guy Guru: The guy guru gives advice on boy problems, bf problems, BGF problems, and things like that. Fashionista: The fashionista gives advice about fashion and posts lots of tips and styles. Make-up Magician: The make-up magician answers questions and gives advice about make-up and such. Sporty Shorty: Sports expert, whether it's team issues, coach issues, or whatever, this girl has got the answer. Advice Altruistic: Gives advice on just about anything, anything that doesn't fall into the categories above, that advice altruistic will answer. Cub: A normal average member. Posts comments and participates in surveys and other things. Chickie: Member, who can post quotes and quizzes.
  2.   You can earn CRAZY points by participating in surveys and winning contests.
  3.   The person with the most crazy points will be featured in the weekly news letter.
  4.   Girls, no negative comments allowed, language must stay appropriate, don't give away anything personal suchj as last name or adress, and lets all be nice
  5.   Birthdays: Grace and Katie: May 18, Kelsie: September 27, Emily: September 18, choco63: July 14th, Cassie: May 8, Britney: January 31, Rachel: August, 31, puppylover1152: September, 1, Erynn: October, 24, Emily/Georgi: November 19, Lexxi: March 24, Chloe: January 4, Mariah: Febuary 13, Olivia: August 6, Tatianna: July 28, Sydney:July 7
  6.   CRAZY POINTS: Brittany: 5
  8.   NEWSLETTER: Hey girls, here is a contest for you all. Pick a favorite song of yours and find an outfit or hair style that you think goes with it. Leave a detailed explanation of your song and outfit or hair style in the comments. I will then decide who's was the best and they will be awarded 20 CRAZY points. Good luck to you all in that. I will be particpating but I am not competeing for CRAZY points. Also, post lots of quotes and comments. Don't be afraid to express yourself. Feel free to ask me or any other girls anything. No matter how silly or whatever, just ask, that is what we are for. Keep posting. Good luck at school. *gross gross gross* Don't forget to invite girls to join this club, you get 5 CRAZY points for doing so.
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