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All About Me!
  1.   HEY! welcome to clubbench! We have everything you wanted in this club! we have advice! we will have quizzes! And polls!! and we need YOU to keep up all the fun! so please join!!!!!
  2.   we have made this club because we luv our bench at school that we eat lunch at everyday
  3.   but this club wont be all about benches thats just what we named it after our bench
  4.   we can talk about what ever you want
  5.   y can apply for any of the following positions: vp (2), vp and prez assistants(1 for each), fashion experts (3), beauty experts(2), boy experts(1) gl update expert (filled), bench comity (4), all-over advice givers (5), book review(filled), movie review(1), top ten(1)
  6.   here is how to apply
In A Nutshell...
  1.   1. name
  2.   2. position applying 4
  3.   3. y u should get the position
  4.   4. how often u r on gl 5. how did you hear about the club.
  5.   good luck!
  6.   ill let almost anyone join if they apply!
  7.   check your profile and c if u made it!
  8.   thank u!
  9.   - kenzie556 and pigglyWiggly14
My Faves…
  1.   also feel free to comment on our profiles!
  2.   members of the club will be posted here! y75r7u9i, sparky4me, Fudgey88, miss_lily, miss~piggy, boylover4ever, jobro1021
  3.   vp's will be posted here! miss~piggy
  4.   any experts, reviewers, top 10, or bench comity will be posted here! GL updater- y75r7u9i book reviewer- miss~piggy
  5.   all-over advice givers will be posted here!!!! Sparky4me and boylover4ever
  6.   here is the application if you just want to be a member! 1. Your name 2. where you heard about the club 3. how often are you on gl thank you!!
Style Sense
  1.   sister clubs- club hnk
  2.   hey ppl's!!! come on join this club! it's the best and it's the bomb! You know you wanna join join join!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok ask anyone this is the best club ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE SHORT STORY OF THE WEEK IS DOWN THERE AND WAS MADE BY ME PIGGLYWIGGLY14 BUT THAT'S JUST THIS WEEK! LEAVE A COMMENT WITH A SHORT STORY AND YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING SHORT STORY OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3.   Emma was on the couch. She was staying home from school because she was sick. Her mom had left for work about an hour ago. Her dad was on a business trip in seattle, so she was home alone. She heard the phone ring and assumed it was her mother so she picked it up. It wasn't her mom's voice but a man's. He was breathing heavily and then he hung up. She assumed he had called the wrong number so she went back to the couch ,shut her book, and turned on the TV. It had been about a half an hour until she heard the phone ring again. she picked it up, trying to forget about the last phone call. The person on the other line was the same man as before. but this time he spoke. He said exactly this "I'm getting closer.... get ready for a unpleasant surprise". Emma was scared. She was about to call her mom. But then she looked at the clock, school had just let out. It was probably just some boys messing around, so she decided not to make a big deal over it. An hour went by so she wasn't scared anymore. She heard the phone ring again. Just incase, she waited to hear the message to see if it was the mom. She was better when she heard her moms voice. She answered it. Her mom told her a storm was coming and to go upstairs and shut the windows. She did as she was told. and when she got into the last room... she saw a man! A stranger! She screamed! It must have been the same man who had called her earlier! He grabbed her and tried to jump out of the window. But luckily Emma knew konfu! She managed to get out of the mans arms... but sadly he managed to escape out the window. She called the cops and they caught him :) !
  4.   thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make sure to enter your short story next week! we will change it every saturday!
  5.   we will also have a poem and joke contest coming! submit your best poems or jokes to help us get it started!!!!!!
  1.   ok we are going to start the weekly joke contest! this weeks joke is by me, pigglywiggly14 but we really need everyone's jokes to keep up this weekly activity! Please submit your best joke and you could win and have your poem posted up here for a week! we will change the weekly joke every saturday as well!
  2.   Q. what is the closest relative to a cow? A. a mooooose send in those jokes bcuz ours stink!
  3.   submit your poems to our new weekly poem contest!!!
  4.   our next star of the day is... da da da da da! Kris Allen. our american idol winner! check out some of his music! i figured out that the linx do work all you have to do is cover it in that blue stuff with ur mouse then push ctrl c then paste it up on the bar and presssssss ctrl v. so heres a link tada!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Ok if you don't understand some of the jobs then just look here or if you have a question about your job just look here. this is a little summery of each job and what you do for it! I really hope this helps and gets you interested in more jobs to apply for!
  2.   VP- Almost in charge! if people have a question about the club or their job and we don't get back to them before you get the chance to you need to know about the club so you can answer! Also if one or both of us is out of town or grounded from the computer YOU take over and YOU are the new presidents until we come back! There will be 2 VP's in this club!
  3.   assistants- Ok we will have 1 assistant for every president and vice president... which means 4 assistants in all. The assistants help whoever they are working for. If they need you to do something that's your job! also your like the 3rd in line for president! like if one of the presidents was gone and so was one of the VP's you would take over because there will always be 2 prez's and 2 VP's so even if the president was here and the VP wasn't you would take over for the VP!!!
  4.   experts- there are 4 different themes of experts- fashion, boy, GL update, and beauty! there will be 3 fashion experts, 2 beauty experts, 1 GL update expert, and 1 boy expert! all you have to do is post stuff about your topic! like advice of anything. like if you were the boy expert you could post a comment about how your friend got dumped by her BF because she always asked what's wrong and he hated that! so anything you want members of the club to know about your topic you can post!
  5. Goal Girl
      bench comity- got any exciting new ideas for the club? that's your job to keep thinking those up! and making the club better!! The bench comity's job is also to advertise the club all around GL!! There will be 4 bench comity!
  6.   All over advice givers- If any of our members ask for advice on our website the all over advice givers job is to comment back to them answering their question! we want 5 all over advice givers!
  7.   Reviewers- There are 2 topics to review although there may be more in the future. those topics are books and movies! for your topic you can post a comment about it! Like if you read the twilight series and you have something to say about it (but don't give the book away) that's your job! We want 1 movie reviewer and 1 book reviewer!
  8.   Top 10- If you have faves you wanna share this is the job for you! every week we need our top 10-er to list a list of top 10 something. But it's your choice! one week you can do the top 10 best actors and the next you could do food! your choice! we need 1 top 10-er
  9. Tasty Eats
      Thank you! I hope you understand all the jobs a little better!
  10.   THANK YOU!!
  12. My Healthy You Journal  
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