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clubeverything<3's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hey welcome to Club Everything!
  2.   Here in club everything, anyone is accepted, and anything can be talked about
  3.   I will post weekly contests and i hope everyone paricipates in them! i will also have polls quizes and so much more
  4.   to make all this happen though i need a few people working positions
  5.   ***NOTE*** if you will not be able to post atleast once a week depending on the position you should not commit to this club- if you would really like to stay though [who wuldnt!] then i will higher a assistant
  6.   everyone will have a back up but the back up is only used if you are on a vacay, you cant work for a certain amount of time, or you quit
In A Nutshell...
  1.   fashion mod and boy mod are currently taken-however your welcome to apple for backup and everyone is welcome to give job ideas and post their opinions on this club- please be considerate though
  2.   Positions
  3.   first off my highest positions are Mods- you will be able to answer advise questions to people according to your position of advise- you can be our fashion mod, boy mod, friends mod, or family mod, and i am head of makeup ( i will be posting tips, articles, and ill be the makup mod. The next position is our advertisers- everyone thinks being a adveriser would b a super boring positions, but its not! you are helping this club in lots of ways- you make us more popular, you get to express your ideas with everyone, and most of all your part of the club! next we have our pick it outs and top 10s- pick it outs get to post really fun, exciting,crafts/ideas/aricles, anything they can find thts eye poppping. top 10's get to either pick or reaserch the top ten things of their choice- like music for example the top ten songs! our next position is quiz gal- you are asked to post a quiz atleast once a week about anything of your choice, have fun and be creative [you are also eligable for either ors too! you know chocolate or vanilla?and tht stuff] next is our head of polls- again be creative and choose make it about watever you want! if you think we should have more positions please post an idea! i will also be handeling contests probably once a week or month! lastly you may try out for a back up please read the ***NOTE*** at the top of the page if your interested in being a back up
  4.   now you know all the positions so how do you get them?
  5.   this is our reseme, everyone but the mods and back ups get the same
  6.   if you would like to be a mod here is your reseme- 1. What position mod would you like to be? 2. have you worked at any other clubs, if so which one? 3. can i have a sample of your work-just rite me a question and answer it, (make up the question) 4. would you also like to post weekly tips? 5. name or nickname- i also ask tht you check on this profile every 2 days atleast to answer any questions!
  7.   back ups- 1. how often are you on? 2. what position do u want to be a back up for? 3. name or nickname 4. if your going to be a mod backup answer all the mod questions except the ones you answered in this reseme if your gonna b anythign else then answer those questions- backups are asked to check on this profie once every atleast a week and a notice if your needed it will b posted on ur profile
  8.   other- 1. what position? 2. other club experimence? if so what club? 3. name or nickname 4. short sample of your work 5. y u deserve the positon
  9.   if you have questions post it at the bottom of your reseme- i will get back to everyone who fills out a full reseme and post your congrats and first assignment on ur profile!
My Faves…
  1.   Make up- any time look! most people look best with a natural look, you will need- brown or light brown eyeliner, coverup, a natural colored face powder-preferable a little lighter than ur actuall skin, lash curler, mascara- water proof or clear-best!, optional- blush/lipgloss/chapstick
  2.   First take your cover up and dot it lightly on any really visable or red blemishes, next you wanna take your face powder and apply it with a blush brush (the puffy brushes) and dont go over the blemishes work around them, next take one of those sponge things and wipe it over the blemishes and around blending it into the skin so it isnt so visable, next take your eye liner and aply it lightly on the bottom lash line starting half way and put a little line on the crease of the outside of each eye, if it doesnt show up good take a q-tip and smudge it alittle, next take the eye curler and quickly curl ur lashes, next apply the mascara in many coats- especially if its clear, next put ur blush on the cheek bone if using, and apply lipstick and or chapstick- you shuld know how.
  3.   i hope it looks good!
  4.   ***CONTEST***
  5.   The number i was thinking of was... 51!! congrats to whoever had the closest i nvr had a chance to look but ill post a comment and a comment on their wall congrats!
  6.   NEW CONTEST!!! This ones a riddle and the dedline will b two days after we get atleast 2 people riddle:I have oceans without water, a sky without air, mountains without land, what am i?
Style Sense
  1.   Good LUCK its a tricky riddle
  2.   Try a little bit of everything!
  1.   Luv, clubeverything<3
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