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All About Me!
  1.   Hey all! This is a fun club for anyone and everyone to join, no matter what your age or interests are. There are only two rules in this club: Be Kind and Have Fun!
  2.   Clubforever is a club for anyone because it covers so many interests - beauty, fashion, boys, besties, family, body, and even the tough stuff.
  3.   If you want to join, all you have to do is post a comment on here saying that you would like to become a member! If your profile is visible, I will post a comment on your profile welcoming you to the club. If you don't get a welcome comment, please don't be offended because that probably just means I wasn't able to get to access your page! :)
  4.   If you would like advice on anything, post a comment asking your question. Since this club is brand-new right now, I (the president) will answer your questions until we get enough members to have jobs and mods!
  5.   If you would like a job, read everything under "In A Nutshell" and then post a comment telling me which job you would like. IF YOUR PROFILE IS VISISBLE - I will post the app on there. IF IT ISN'T VISIBLE - I will post the app on here for you.
  6.   Thanks for reading all of this and I hope you join the club! It has a lot to offer, we just need to get some members in here! :)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   JOBS:
  2.   **important** There are 2 categories of job in clubforever - 1) Head of ___ and 2) Mod of __
  3.   HEAD OF ___ DESCRIPTION: these are job like Head of Beauty, Head of Boys, etc. Basically what you do is post an article at least once a week about your topic. so, if you are the Head of Beauty you could post an article about a new brand you just discovered or how to apply eyeliner.
  4.   HEAD OF ___ JOBS AVAILABLE: Head of Beauty, Head of Fashion, Head of Body, Head of Family, Head of BFF, Head of Boys
  5.   MOD OF ___ DESCRIPTION: These jobs are like regular mods, only with a twist - each mod has a category (same as the ones above) So if you are the Mod of Beauty, you answer only questions relating to beauty and if you are the Mod of BFF you answer the questions relating to friends. If you are a Mod of ___ you DO NOT post articles because that is for the Head of ___'s!
  6.   MOD OF ___ JOBS AVAILABLE: Mod of Beauty, Mod of Fashion, Mod of Family, Mod of Body, Mod of Boys, Mod of BFF.
  7.   **important** if you have a job and will not be on for a while because of a vacation or whatever, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
  8.   **important** - To recieve the apps for a job, like I said just ask for it and i will post it either on here or on your personal profile. Once we start getting a lot of members in here, I will most likely put up all the applications in this whole profile info part.
  9.   Thanks!
My Faves…
  1.   FOR ALL CLUB MEMBERS - if you need adive, please post your question on the CLUB profile, NOT on the Mod's profile! This will make it easier for the girls who need the advice as well as for me, since I have to make sure everyone is being safe and kind. Thanks!
  3.   ~ favorite part about summer?
  4.   ~ one class you will miss and why?
  5.   ~ what are you looking foward to next school year?
  6.   ~ any big plans for summer?
Style Sense
  1.   CURRENT MEMBERS: HeyThereDollFacex, Twisted-K, abm25, bbgirl98, Allison G.,
  2.   Thanks everyone for checking out the page. Please join, be safe, and have fun! :)
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