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All About Me!
  1.   Welcome to ClubFree!
  2.   ClubFree was created to help anyone who needs it.
  3.   There is ABSOLUTLY NO signup.All you have to do is comment.
  4.   What do we talk about?ANYTHING!
  5.   There is NO MODS in this group.You are free to give advice as you wish.
  6.   Comment,help girls at GL with thier problems,help with homwork ANYTHING YOU WANT!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   You can comment on anything you wish but PLEASE be respectful!
  2.   Voice your oppinion on anything just please keep it appropriate .
  3.   Help give advice with:boys,school,friends,family and pretty much anything!
  4.   Got a problem that mods are too busy for?Ask us!
  5.   Got anthing that you need help with?Just post it!
  6.   You are ALWAYS welcome to ask for or give advice!
  7.   There are no requirments for this club.All you need is a question or a comment!
  8.   ~
My Faves…
  1.   We dont have too many rules but these are nessecary!
  2.   1. BE NICE!
  4.   3. HAVE FUN!
  5.   YAY! Now that we got past the serious stuff,START COMMENTING!
  6.   PLEASE???
Style Sense
  1.   ALSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2.   Check out my personal account marissa-
  3.   dont forget to add the -
  4.   That is all.
  1.   ~Weekly Topics~ Answer in the comments!
  2.   How are your grades so far in school?
  3.   What are your favorite methods of studying?
  4.   How much candy did you get from trick-or-treating?
  1.   ~Weekly Tips/ Activities~
  2.   Put a clear coat over your nailpolish to keep it from chipping and from getting damaged.
  3.   Try complimenting 3 different people this week.
  4.   I cant think of too many right now so leave some suggestions in the comments!
  5.   Note:Tips can be submitted in the comments and might be added in the tip section in the following weeks.Note:Tips can be about ANYTHNG!Life,beauty,boys,school,whatever you want.
  1.   If you would like to advertise for ClubFree copy and paste this premade one below or made up your own!
  2.   Hey girls!Please check out ClubFree! Got a problem that mods are too busy for?Ask us!What do we talk about?ANYTHING!Help give advice with:boys,school,friends,family and pretty much anything!
  3.   Last Update:11-02-10
  4.   Oh and I really would appreciate it if you guys STOP advertising for other clubs!Its kind of rude if you really think about it!Please and thankyou!
  5.   Please specify where you would like your question response to be added(on ClubFrees page or yours).
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   Sorry for not updating for so long!My apologies!
  4. My Healthy You Journal  
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