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All About Me!
  1.   Welcome to Club Smiley Face!
  2.   Club Smiley Face is the ultimate new club where you can talk about anything, chat with other girls, and get your own position!
  3.   To apply for a postition, comment on my personal profile, fabgal2, and ask for the application form for the job you want. Here are the positions.
  4.   Style/Beauty Expert, Guy Expert, School Expert, Fitness/Health Expert, Entertainment Expert, Creativity Expert, Food Expert, Vice President, Activities Expert, and Money Expert
  5.   The Style/Beauty Expert is in charge of giving style advice, such as opinions on outfits (nothing rude or offensive), makeup tips, and other stuff like that.
  6.   The Guy Expert gives advice on crushes, boyfriends, dating, flirting, and other guy-related issues.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   The School Expert is there to help people with homework, class, and school issues.
  2.   The Fitness/Health Expert gives tips and advice on eating healthy, exercising, and being healthy in general.
  3.   The Entertainment expert is in charge of suggesting TV shows,, movies, and music for other girls.
  4.   The Creativity Expert helps girls find fun crafts to do and suggests how to decorate or make things look good.
  5.   The Food Expert gives easy recipe ideas and cooking tips.
  6.   The Vice President is in charge of helping me (the President) organize the club and make the club better.
  7.   The Activities Expert suggests fun things for girls to do alone and with friends and/or family.
  8.   The Money Expert is in charge of giving girls money managing advice.
  9.   Please don't apply for more than two positions. You'll only have that position for one month.
My Faves…
  1.   On the 25th of every month, I'll be accepting applications for the next month.
  2.   You'll only get a postion once every 6 months.
  3.   To apply, you must be able to post at least once every week. Also, you need to agree to the rules that will be in your application form. The rules might vary from job to job.
  4.   If you don't want a position or have had your position expire, you can still just post and chat with other members as a regular member.
  5.   Apply for the next term by Jan. 29th and the positions will be posted on Jan 30th.
  6.   HERE"S THE POSITIONS!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!
Style Sense
  1.   School Expert: aria:D
  2.   Guy Expert: lilypad878
  3.   Entertainment Expert: sunshine123
  4.   Style/Beauty Expert: emilyb1997
  5.   Fitness/Health Expert: cocoasdfgz12
  1.   Creativity Expert: clubsmileyface/fabgal2
  2.   Vice President: Pugglegirl1008
  3.   Congrats, girlies!!!!! Remember, your positions will expire on February 1st.
  4.   Don't get discoraged, everyone else!!! There will be plenty more oppuurtunities, and for now, you can chat, ask for advice, post tips, poems, stories, and polls/surveys, and
  1.   Here's a new feature where I'll post one or two articles every week or so. I wanna hear what kind of articles you'd like to see, so please comment!!
  2.   Do you worry a lot about how much you weigh? Do you want to go on a diet or start a weight loss program? I would think twice before doing this. First of all, most special diets or weight loss programs that you see advertised on TV or in magazines don't even work. You might see celebrities saying how much they love a certain weight loss program, but remember, they're almost always doing it for the money. Also, diets and weight loss programs can be very dangerous. Eating just certain kinds of foods is harmful because your body won't get all the nutrients it needs to be healthy. So only take a diet or weight loss program if your doctor recommends it and a parent or guardian says it's safe. Love the way you look! You don't need to be skinny to be beautiful!
  3.   Click to give! Don't know what that means? Well, when you go onto, you'll see a purple box that says Click to Give. Click it and, for free, you'll be able to donate food and care to animals in need. And be sure to do the same for the Animal Rescue Site's sister sites; links to these are on the top of the Animal Rescue Site's home page. So click daily and help your favorite causes!
  4.   You've probably heard about the terrible earthquakes in Haiti by now. I'm sure you've heard how over 100,000 people were killed, thousands more were injured, and all were deeply affected. Many people lost family members and close friends. Lots lost their homes and possesions. They're left cold, alone, and starving, with no water, food, or shelter. But us girls have the power to change all this! We can donate money and time to this cause. A few organizations working to help Haiti that would love your donations are The Red Cross, The World Food Program, Feed the Children, Habitat for Humanity, Food for the Hungry, and Parners in Health. Look up these organizations and ask a parent to make a donation, or you could do it yourself. These poor people need your help! So donate even the smallest amount, and help rebuild the lives and communities of people in Haiti. Thanks!
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