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converse_luv_4ever's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   gemini
  2.   random, spazzy, awesome!! ♥ yeah u kno u luv me♥
  3.   11...its my birthday as well; june 11
  4.   purple!!! aaahhh best color ever lol
  5.   none. im unique.
  6.   no celebrity is cursed enough to look like me =]
In A Nutshell...
  1.   anything involving creative writing (soooo english, i guess?) or drama or dance...but musical theatre is great 2!
  2.   dance!!! and hw...bleehhh
  3.   soccer to play, baseball to watch, and dance for both
  4.   reading, doing hw, on the computer, hanging with my friends
  5.   i have to pick one???? i luv em all!!! well, mostly...
  6.   she's absolutely awesome and supportive and we can talk about absolutely nothing and still crack up, rofloao...oh yeah, and our inside one else gets how funny it rly is
  7.   pasta & chocolate-covered pretzels (but not 2gether)....YUMMMM!!!
  8.   jewelry and smoothies (u wouldnt b-lieve it but, blueberry and pineapple 2gether make a rly good combo in a smoothie)
  9.   europe, new york, california, vermont...the list goes on and on...what vacation place have i been to that i DIDNT like? hmm...i dont think any
My Faves…
  1.   secret life of the american teenager...amy+ben 4ever♥ need i say more? wizards of waverly place and icarly are awesome 2
  2.   she's the man, mean girls, nick and norah's infinite playlist, juno, idk...i have a lot of faves...chick flix r awesome!! lol
  3.   i have wide music tastes, so it changes... i luv the veronicas, boys like girls, demi lovato, taylor swift, soundtracks from musicals, we the kings, the all american rejects, lady gaga, cobra starship, i'll listen 2 anything really
  4.   jeez i cant pick 1...probably a mango shaped space or the pretty little liars series or the twilight saga or harry potter
  5.   i dont do video games...well, unless u count kinda an addict lol : ) my friend and i play it ALL THE TIME!
  6.   amanda bynes or selena gomez but i like demi lovato and miranda cosgrove 2
Style Sense
  1.   selena gomez...this girl knows how to dress. ♥ plus, i hear she was dating taylor lautner...rawr <3 lol OH YEAH AND ALSOOOO zooey deschanel. shes sooo pretty!
  2.   delia's, pac sun, aeropostale, wetseal, i can go on and on :)
  3.   covergirl wetslicks in guava spash
  4.   eyeliner and concealer
  5.   JEANS!!! and jewelery (which i make of course!!) and my candy cane converses!!! yeah u kno ur jealous lol
  1.   yup ♥
  2.   only one...him ♥
  3.   smart, cute, kind, sensitive, someone who appreciates the little things and who shares my wacky sense of humor
  4.   ♥sterling friend and i r always fighting over him...but i win! and david henrie is GORGEOUS 2♥
  1.   dancer or writer or actress
  2.   boston (GO SOX!!!) or NYC (BROADWAY!) or LA (HOLLYWOOD!)
  3.   japan...i'd luv 2 c tokyo...all that harajuku fashion! paris and london r sweet 2, but i've already been
  4.   donate most of it to charities...but keep some for myself
  5.   "laugh your heart out, dance in the rain, cherish the memories, ignore the pain, love and learn, forget and forgive, because remember you have only one life to live "
  1.   hmm....a balance of the two...maybe morning...or night...actually idk
  2.   i'm a CHOCOHOLIC!!
  3.   righty...but i'm trying to be ambidextrous for soccer and dance
  4.   it depends what i'm seeing and who i'm seeing it with....probably in a theater tho
  5.   in between...i'm usually pretty organized but my room isn't a pretty sight at the moment
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      DANCE!!! having fun + breaking a sweat = most awesome thing ever!
  2.   dance!! but soccer and softball are cool 2!
  3.   my "favorites" playlist! haha...its got all my favorite music (well duh)
  4.   just focus on breathing instead of how hard the workout'll forget about the pain!
  5. Goal Girl
      to get all 3 splits (i pretty much have 2 when im stretched) and run a mile in 9 min or below AND to have super-flat abs by summer
  6.   eating healthier...not goin so well
  7.   the thought of myself with flat abs in a bikini over the summer...lets make this dream a reality!
  8.   brittany hamilton...that surfer chick who got her arm bitten off by a shark
  9. Tasty Eats
      cream cheese and celery (even tho it may be an urban legend that celery has negative calories, its still rly good 4 ya and tastes great!)
  10.   pasta! but sushi is delicious 2! and lo mein! and mexican food!
  11.   do something else to take my mind off my craving...if that doesn't work, i give in...just a little...or i chew gum
  12.   dance---i'm all ears!!
  13.   running and endurance...and maybe really effective ab using GL's now
  14.   yes! i will luv u 4ever! lol
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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