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crazyinsanewolfgirl's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Sagitarrius
  2.   CRAZY!!! loyal, open minded
  3.   it changes with each new fortune cookie
  4.   silver, rich purples, turquoise, and dark blue. i like all shades of blue, though.
  5.   a thirteen year old sis XP and an adorable five year old brother.
  6.   i don't really know. i've gotten a few different responses when i ask...
In A Nutshell...
  1.   art, photography, i want to take a stage make up class, the fine arts classes,
  2.   starting now, working out for at least thirty minutes, either on wii fit, or a very very long walk
  3.   soccer, golf, dancing,
  4.   depends
  5.   i love my dogs and cats, but i want a snake or a penguin!!
  6.   which one?
  7.   depends
  8.   funny faces, people laugh, butter/chocolate chip cookies, the scale break lol, my friends smile, my little bro hyper (don't ever EVER giv a 4 yr old a red bull. my sis did that just before i had to babysit. never again), cake, COFFEE, homemade ice cream, videos, messes
  9.   New Zealand, for EXTREME SPORTS!! X) or scotland or ireland just because it has so much culture and it's so gorgeous and clean
My Faves…
  1.   The Nine Lives Of Chloe King, the Glee Project, even though i don't care for glee, Love In The Wild, Chelsea Lately
  2.   there's a whole long list, sweetheart
  3.   Selena Gomez, Avril Lavigne, Boys Like Girls, Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove, Tim McGraw, it really depends on what mood im in at the time, too
  4.   again, a very long list
  5.   i dont play much video games anymore. i want to try to learn Black Ops, see why it's so popular, or Dragon Sage
  6.   Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, Avril Lavigne, Miranda Cosgrove,
Style Sense
  1.   there are so many different people that inspire me, but i love Victoria Justice. the girl is absolutely fearless!
  2.   Rue 21, J.C. Penny's, Forever 21, Maurices, Plato's Closet
  3.   Dr. Pepper, but i like the tinted ones, and the one i like never really tastes good.
  4.   Mascara, concealer, lip gloss
  5.   jeans. they go everywhere, they do anything
  1.   no and nope
  2.   err.. a couple...
  3.   you know, i really am open to different kinds of guys. so long as the relationship works, it's awesome. i like variety and confidence, though
  4.   Taylor Lautner, and everyone else, besides Leah, that are a part of the wolf pack, Damian McGinty, i called him way back when Celtic Thunder first started, Nathan Kress, Avan Jogia
  1.   fashion designer, CEO of my own company, and costume designer for movies.
  2.   Seattle. i love it here in WA, and as much as i love my little hometown, i love the BIG CITY. i don't know how much longer i can take, driving down the road and smelling cow poop everywhere i go.
  3.   New Zealand. Extreme sports, here i come!
  4.   It depends on how i got it, and what kind of situation I'm in when i get it
  5.   there are three kinds of people. those who dance in the rain. those who see that it's raining, and go do something else. those who sit at the window and watch the storm, wishing they could go dancing, but to scared of all the bad things that could happen.
  1.   night owl by far
  2.   chocolate all the way
  3.   righty
  4.   DVD, but it's pretty dang close. I'm broke though, so a dollar a night rental is awesome
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      the one i make. i like to have variety, and i love to walk, so long distance walking, dancing, wii fit
  2.   soccer, golf
  3.   changing every couple of minutes
  4.   just stick it out, it will so be worth it
  5. Goal Girl
      lose twenty five pounds before i go back to school. i got a late start, but now i'm kicking myself and working my butt off. literally. but I'm keeping it healthy, with good snacks, lots of water, and stretching
  6.   calorie torching, and long distance walking. i like to take my camera and take lots of pictures on my walk to keep it fun and interesting
  7.   showing my little brother how to be a beautiful determined person, and the cute clothes i want to fit back into, or the adorable styles i can't look good in now because of my size
  8.   bethany hamilton, the one armed surfer. she's always been my favorite
  9. Tasty Eats
      fruit, including melons and berries which are my favs, small sandwiches on sandwich thins (super thin bread with whole wheat), and lots of variety
  10.   depends on my mood, and what season it is.
  11.   take a deep breath, think of how it will hurt me, and grab a blueberry pie yogurt
  12.   determination, confidence, new ideas, getting bored, music
  13.   good, cheap, healthy meals. i have a serious budget crunch, and i really want to do this the healthy way
  14.   heck yes!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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