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cutie23's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   capricorn
  2.   fun stylish and great mom
  3.   15
  4.   lime green and hot pink
  5.   my sister and my baby melody rae richards
  6.   idk people keep telling I look like the girl off twilight and I guess I kinda do but I am me plain and simple
In A Nutshell...
  1.   ooooo def english cause my teacher is a total babe
  2.   umm BABY remember
  3.   I still love cheering and I, def gona b on the team again next year but I tottaly think parenting should have an olympic medal
  4.   watching my baby girl (mwah mommy loves you) and find someway 2 still hang with my friends
  5.   i love all of my dogs i have 3 bulldogs all of which are boys and my mini yorkie named princess she is the only girl so shes spoiled
  6.   oh shes faboulous she tottaly matches me we met at a program for teen moms in my neighborhood and just tottaly clicked
  7.   chocalate duh its right up there beside dimonds in the girls best friend handbook for clueless guys( i just made this book up but they really should have one for those clueless hotties)
  8.   fashion designs and im good at giving advice
  9.   my new fav spot is the library when i get into reading its like a free vacay
My Faves…
  1.   americas next top model, secret life of the american teen,16 and pregnant(funny that would be one of my favs),project runway,what not to wear,ghost hunters,10 things i hate about you
  2.   idk
  3.   lady gaga, 3oh3,pussycat doll , talor swift, nicklback, kari hilson, and much more
  4.   twilight i mean what teen girl dosent like the twlight saga
  5.   biggest loser for wii ( wayyy fun)
  6.   i love tyra banks and i also like twiggy
Style Sense
  1.   ME... every person has a dif taste in style so i try not to compare my style to others
  2.   CLAIRS!!!! and ambercrombie and finch, dry ice, old navy and saphories
  3.   lip smackers passion fruit
  4.   everything really I love make up
  5.   really everything because i mean whats the point of having jeans with no shirt and shoes!!??!!??!??!?
  1.   YES and I love him sooooooooo much
  2.   2 my bf and my baby the two loves of my life
  3.   sweet charming kinda romantic but not mushie way hott and UNIMATURE ugh i hate imature boys
  4.   idk
  1.   fashion designer and ceo of my own fashion company
  2.   paris
  3.   iv so decided i want to go to fugi with my bf
  4.   make a no kill animal shelter where any animal can and stay untill it gets adopted no animals will ever be turned away, thrown out, or killed the animals can stay their forever if they have to and all the workers will be volentiers and all the food and neccesties will be bought with donations please leave me a comment and tell me what you think of my inguiness idea
  5.   everyone has a dif taste in style so dnt let anyone tell you that you look ugly and that means anyone
  1.   gotta be a morning gal now melody enjoys the day time...boy has she changed my life
  2.   chocolate duhhhh
  3.   both
  4.   movies with my bf and flick on dvd with my bff
  5.   kinda in between
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      my wii fit
  2.   cheering
  3.   lady gaga ,3oh3 just about everything in my ipod
  4.   if your muscles dont burn work more
  5. Goal Girl
      lose my baby flab so I can make the cheerleading squad again
  6.   samething im always working on EVERYTHING comon my moms a cardio trainer her old self makes me work out every day
  7.   Not looking like a mom
  8.   none id watch sports
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   cook yourself thin(the tv series) cupcakes
  11.   ohhhh a classien pickle whole ( only 5 cals!!!) dipped in potatoe chip dip
  12.   fashion, boys , makeup , skin care ,euh cardio , you can ask just about any thing i may know the answer and then again i may not
  13.   healthy eating and abb workouts ( evan thoe my bf says i dnt need it i still think i do)
  14.   duhh as long as they want one to
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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