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dance-girl:)'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   ViRgOo
  2.   FuN-PrEtTy-AweSo0mE
  3.   4&9
  4.   PiNK!
  5.   SisSy N BrOtHii
  6.   TaYlo0r SwiiFt
In A Nutshell...
  1.   DaNcE FoRcE:))
  2.   DaNcEE!
  3.   DaaNCee!
  4.   In Thee MaLL!
  5.   My 2 ChiiUaHuAsS
  6.   FuN&AwEsSo0Mee
  7.   BroOwNiiEsS!
  8.   DaNcESSs!
  9.   BeAcH;D
My Faves…
  1.   AmEriiCa"Ss BzT DaNcEe CreWW & JeRsEy ShO0RrE
  2.   LoTz" 2 LiiSsT
  3.   Katy PerRYY,TayLo0R sWiFt,RiHannA,BeYo0nCeE & MoOrEE!!!
  4.   HMmm??>>
  5.   Wii GaMee: JusT DanCe 1,2,3
  6.   LOtZiiE"s
Style Sense
  1.   EveRyThiiNg LOL"Ss
  2.   Thee WhhOole MaLL + MoOrE!
  3.   ViiCtOriiA"sS SeCrEtt"sS
  4.   LoOtZiiE"sS
  5.   My ColOrEd JeAns Ha;)
  1.   HmMM...
  2.   HmmM PrOoB: 2 Orr 3
  3.   WiiL NeVa' FiiNiisSh Hah!
  4.   LoOt"Z
  1.   DenTiiSt & DanCeRR
  2.   LOTzz
  3.   HaWaii
  4.   OmG!!:D
  5.   DanCe LiiKe NoOne"s WaTcHiinG!
  1.   NiTTEe
  2.   ChoCC
  3.   RigHtii
  4.   MoViiE"S
  5.   ...
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