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dancengirl's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   cancer but i dont like the story about it he is a evil crabXP
  2.   forget the rules. im very different, caring, artistic, fun loveing, talented (if i do say so.),funny, aw-zome, mature...when im not with friends or on the comp, and i think differently than most teens about life and stuff.
  3.   14
  4.   lime green and black
  5.   one(annoying)little brother lol jk i wuv u brent=]
  6.   ke$ha but im more rocker artistic
In A Nutshell...
  1.   history!!!im such a nerd lol
  2.   dance,and muay thia,listen 2 music, and painting
  3.   muay thai 4 both
  4.   hanging out with friends being crazy!
  5.   pets:my dogs pogo(minicher pincher/dachsund),and buddy(boxer puppy to cute!),and frogs i LOVE frogs!!!
  6.   she is sooo funny and gives great advice(soccerluver12)visit her pro!
  7.   spaggetii ...or steak
  8.   makeing people laugh. or looking like a dork lol
  9.   new york! or my aunts farm or any type of beach with a clean,blue ocean and white sand SAVE THE PLANET!
My Faves…
  1.   that 70`s show that shows awsome! or any nonpervy animes=}
  2.   napoleon dynamite, talladega nights, bruce allmighty, the hangover and phantom of the opera!!!!!=]
  3.   thriving ivory!!!,dieing to live,train (realted to the drum player!) change of pace,sweet nasty,telescope,eyes set to kill,the word alive,the sickest kids, the bird and the bee,landmime, regena spector, and much much more check them out!
  4.   oh so many i like jack london,steven king, edger allen poe but my all time fav is SONG OF THE LIONESS!
  5.   wii and rockband i rule at the drums=]
  6.   idk if there snobs or not so i cant say haha
Style Sense
  1.   a t-shirt jeans my riped up black high tops=]
  2.   hot topic=D
  3.   dr. pepper=] yuuum
  4.   eye liner and cover up for zits lol
  5.   clothes duh.and my books.yes i have a HUGE shelf for books in my closet.
  1.   no and no and im proud of it.all the single ladies put ur hands up!
  2.   idk i just guys r cute but i dont crush on them
  3.   uhhhh music loven, shy, book worms i gusse
  4.   i only crush on people i get to know
  1.   1. author (on my 3rd book!),2. coyagrapher 4 broadway, 3. photographer
  2.   new york, europe, or a quite littel house in the middel of a quite littel field
  3.   anywhere around the world manely france bonjuor(translation: heyyy)
  4.   give it to charity and save it if there is any money left lol=]
  5.   bff has 1 more f than only comes once if u dont stop to look around u could miss it,! life is like art the painting already looks great but you still try to make it better then you might end up makesing it look worse. if the deffinition of beautiful gets and thiner no ones going to fit in. when life gives u lemons make appel juice and say YES I DID IT! lol ya and a lot more quotes
  1.   night owl stay up late sleep in late thats my moto well not really but u know wat i mean
  2.   chocolate all the way baby!
  3.   righty i wish i could use both=] that would be kool
  4.   dvd its cheap and you can watch it more then once.
  5.   like every body else on this website im both
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