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All About Me!
  1.   Leo!! :)
  2.   Uhm... I think i'll do more than three! Outgoing, atheltic, girly, fashionable (is that a word???), bubbly, talkative, creative, a degrassi lover, funny!
  3.   6 <3
  4.   Uhm... I love green, but I also love red, and I love wearing purple and red too.... so yeahh those four colors.
  5.   I have one older sister, Caitlin who is in her second year in college, and one older brother Brandon, who is in his senior year of high school.
  6.   I've been told I look like Cassie Steele when she was younger like around season 4-7 of Degrassi. But I don't have any dimples... and I do have a smaller chest than her:(
In A Nutshell...
  1.   I love love love english and I think I might want to become an elementary/middle school English teacher. I also think social studies is interesting because I love learning about ancient stuff... no idea why!! And gym... except my gym teacher he's a little bit creepy! :0
  2.   Well, right now I'm doing school track which I love and soccer too. In the winter I did swimming which I didn't really like that much but next year I can finally do cheerleading because I'll be in high school!!!! And in the fall I do soccer also.
  3.   Track, soccer, cheerleading/gymnastics, skiing/snowboarding.
  4.   I'm usually with my friends hanging out at each others houses or in the town. <3 I heart them so much! :)
  5.   I love love love my dog Lila. She's almost three years old and she is a golden retriever! <3
  6.   Well, I don't have one particular bff but we do have a big circle of friends with smaller relationships inside of them. But the girls that I'm really close with I love because we are always laughing together and can never have a bad time together.
  7.   I love fruit! Strawberries, pinapple, bananas, melon.... like everything! I also like chocolate truffles. I'm not a candy person at all. I know I know, my friends always make fun of me for that because I hate any type of fruit snacks, geletain, gummy bears; blechhhh!! :(
  8.   people laugh. :P
  9.   Hmmm.... I loved Hawaii but I also loved the Caribean and I loved Costa Rica. I would say Hawaii was so beautiful and relaxing. The Bahamas was very touristy and had a bunch of like places where we could swim with dolphins and like Atlantis was amazing! And Costa Rica I went on CRAZY zip lines.
My Faves…
  1.   DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION!!!!!! But I also love America's Next Top Model, Malcolm in the Middle, Celebrity Fit Club (I'm not trying to lose weight I just like that show for no reason at all!) Jersey Shore, and I really want to start watching 10 things I hate about you because I have only watched one epsiode and it was amazing!!!! :)
  2.   Mean Girls, John Tucker Must Die, Across the Universe (I love the songs!), Finding Nemo, The Clique (I have watched that movie a million times)
  3.   I like a lot of music. I love Taylor Swift songs, Fall Out Boy is pretty good, Owl City, Vampire Weekend, Dashboard Confessional, Lifehouse, uhm some others too.
  4.   I love love love (sorry I keep saying that!) the books by Susan Beth Pfefer. I'm on the third book and I really get into the books. I read the Clique series and the Twilight Saga too. They were pretty good but not my faveorites. Oh, and for a class book we read Romeo and Juliet. It was so confusing but when my English teacher helped us out with it it turned out to be amazing!!!
  5.   I am always playing the Sims 3. I love building houses and playing and now I have the World Adventures expansion pack which is really fun. I used to be sick at guitar hero except now it's broken so I can't play anymore and I really like Modern Warfare 2. (I know I may sound like a tom boy but really I'm pretty girly except when it comes to video games and sports!)
  6.   I love Dakota Fanning!
Style Sense
  1.   Uhm... is this supposed to be a person? Because in America's Next Top Model Tyra would always say "Fashion Icon and living legend Twiggy!" So I don't really know. lol.
  2.   I love abercrombie but its kinda pricey and T.J. Maxx has some of the cutest stuff ever! I would shop other places but since I'm real short I don't fit into that many stores.
  3.   anything shiney and that doesn't smell bad and that stays long and that is hydrating.
  4.   I love eyeliner but I really really love is eyeshadow! And Michelle Phan is so my makeup idol!
  5.   I love my shoes! And anyway I don't really keep my clothes in my closet I keep them in my drawers in my beauro (I don't know how to spell it)
  1.   I've had like 3 boyfriends not including repeats and right now I'm single and totally loving it! :)
  2.   Zip, nada, zilch. And I love it like that! :)
  3.   Extremely sweet, taller than me (but most boys are because I'm short) comforting, supportive, funny, romantic but NOT cheesy, somewhat muscular and someone that would stay loyal to me and never ever cheat.
  4.   It used to be Taylor Lautner but now I don't really have one.
  1.   I'm just going to say my whole future that I have sorta already planned out: I want to be an elementary or middle school english teacher. I want four kids. Here are their first and middle names. Haha I'm so weird I already have this planned out. Adelaide Haven (girl and I'll call her Addie), Rylen Carson (boy and maybe a nickname could be Ry), Shailene Lacey (girl and nickname could be Shai), and then Preston Blake (boy and most likely no nickname). And my dog's name who will be a golden retriever will be named Jacqueline and her nickname will be Jackie!
  2.   I want to live somewhere warm and probs a medium/small town. But thats the one thing I don't know about my future. lol. It'll most likley be where I go to college.
  3.   I sorta already answered this. Oh, wait, is this supposed to be somewhere where I have not gone yet? probs. Okay I've been dying to go to Australia but my family seems to think otherwise... :(
  4.   I would definitly update my wardrobe, buy a pretty decent house for my family, save some money for my kids colleges (well it depends how old I was when I got the money. I'm pretending I'm like in my 20's) and then save some for other reasons, then give away the rest to charity. Most likely ASPCA which I already had donated too. And maybe a natural disaster fund.
  5.   "everything is alright in the end, if its not alright now, its not the end." haha I got this on lol!
  1.   Hmm I love waking up early so I have the whole day to do stuff but I also love partying at night like at a dance so I would say all around girl. ahah idk.
  2.   Strawberry! lol or have chocoalte and vanilla mixed together... I will call it Chanilla or Vocolate! :)
  3.   I usually kick a soccer ball with my left foot and I eat with my left hand but I write with my right hand. I am ambidextourous. (I so doubt I spelled that right!) :O
  4.   How about NETFLIX! Actually I do love netflix we use it all the time! :)
  5.   well my room is like 80% of the time a huge mess but I like to keep things clean even though its hard to.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Running with my friends.
  2.   Soccer, running, cheerleading/gymnastics, skiing/snowboarding
  3.   Uhm... what kind of question is that?? lol idk.
  4.   Do not give up... you will regret it if you do. Oh and if you run look at the person's back in front of you. You forget how tired you are because you are focusing on their back.
  5. Goal Girl
      Eat smaller amounts. I eat healthy but sorta a lot.
  6.   Track. Because tryouts are this week! :0
  7.   my friends. Espeically the ones who are better than me because it motivates me to be better than them. (not in a mean way, just in a way to get better)
  8.   I don't really pay attention to famous athletes.
  9. Tasty Eats
      fruits, salads, sandwiches, yogurt. I generally eat a lot of healthy food.
  10.   Ohh, I love love love rice pudding and I haven't had that in forever I just realized! lol.
  11.   brush my teeth or eat gum. Because it helps you think about the taste of the gum or your minty breath and it acts like food because of the taste.
  12.   pretty much anything. I absolutley love giving advice because I pretty much know a lot about all the topics that are generally mentioned on the site.
  13.   Uhm... sometimes just random stuff.
  14.   Sure! Why not? :) <3
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
You see your crush in the halls and your friend seriously embarrasses you by yelling his name. What do you do?!


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