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dolfin77's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hey girlies!!! This is one of the best clubs that will be dedicated to the Twilight Saga.
  2.   Ask me anything that you need to know and I will answer it within 24 hrs. in most cases.
  3.   I will be asking for jobs to help me keep people updated. More on that later on.
  4.   Just ask to join and I will tell you on your profile.
  5.   If your profile is private, I will answer back on the club.
  6.   The home-page will be used as the club posting page.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   The home-page can als be used for questions.
  2.   I have an another profile: bmxchic549
  3.   Of course, the twilight Saga will be the main topic, as well as the characters in the movie.
  4.   I would prefer it if you would not ask the mods of gl to answer on my profile.
  5.   I am looking for people to do jobs. Currently, I am the only one and I am the president.
  6.   I am looking for the following jobs:vice president, 2 bloggers,2 mods, quiz maker and "news" reporter. The people who will hold these jobs should have a public profile.
  7.   If you would like to be the vice president, I would like you to tell me why you would like to be one and your expierence. They do not need to be super elaborate, I would just like to make sure that you will be dedicated to your job.
  8.   For the bloggers, I would like you to put what you mainly blog about. This, I would like to be pretty elaborate to reduce the following questions, so that the mods do not need to answer so many questions.
  9.   For the mods, I would like you to make three pretend logical questions and answer them. You will respond to any of the questions that say, "Luv twilght."
My Faves…
  1.   If you would like to be the quiz maker, please make up a ten question quiz.
  2.   If you would like to be the news reporter, please tell me 5 pieces of recent news (from july and forward) and where you got it as well as where you will normally go to get the news articles.
  3.   Currently, our members are:
  4.   If you would like to become a member, all you have to do is ask on here.
  5.   I woud like the questionarres for the jobs to be in before April 1, 2010
  6.   Our sister clubs are: Official Twilight Club
Style Sense
  1.   If there are any suggestions to make the club better, do not be afraid to tell us.
  2.   Please come often when you join so that are club is tip top and AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3.   Also, if you have a question for our twilighter mods, please start it with, "Luv Twilight" and then your question or issue on the next line.
  4.   Please, if your going to join, please don't put down Twilight.
  5.   Love Twilight; Peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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