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dop3chica's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Virgo baby!yay fer virgos!haha
  2.   hilarious,lalala lovesss 2 laugh:)sweet,caring,random,crazyyy!,listener,happy,has a serious case of bieber fever,understanding,friendly,christian,party goer;),ice cream lovin...yeah todayz not my day to count
  3.   7!well idkay itz just my fave #
  4.   orange and hot pink!
  5.   only 1 nd shes crazy lolz but mad luv 4 her :D
  6.   ummm irdk ill have 2 come back 2 this one!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   leaving:)haha no english i guess
  2.   cheerleading,tlk 2 my bestiez<3,eat ice cream, pee:)lol
  3.   dancing,football,wwe wrestling<3
  4.   stuffing my face!=),laffing but then again i do that everyday! on the fone tlking 2 bestiez,lol,chyllyn with friendss
  5.   my guinea pig Cookie ily cookie!<3
  6.   they r the sweetest,funniest,funnest,crazyyyy pplz out there!i <3 u guyz!
  7.   almost everything!but if i had 2 choose i'd say ribs or cookie dough blizzards from dq
  8.   friends nd ppl cry by laughing of course!,ppl happy:)
  9.   Dominican Rebublican
My Faves…
  1.   Degrassi,teen mom,behind the music,monday night raw nd the ellen degenres show(that lady iz HiL-aRi-OuS!!
  2.   Step Up 2:The Streets,,Stomp the Yard,
  3.   justin bieber,drake<3333,trey songz,kesha,lady gaga,beyonce,paramore,jeffree star,nikki minaj,adam lambert,3oh3!,lil wayne,jessica jarrell,
  4.   entire twilight saga but mostly breaking dawn!
  5.   Smackdown vs. Raw
  6.   Beyonce,lady gaga, nikki minaj,hayley williams,ellen degenres ,alicia keys
Style Sense
  1.   Ke$ha she has a rlly cool style
  2.   Hot Topic<3,aeropostale,wet seal,forever 21,tello's,delia*s,american eagle,justin,walmart(walmart iz dope!!)
  3.   vanilla:p
  4.   eyeliner & lip gloss
  5.   my shortz,sweaters, skinny jeans,nd i kno this sounds weird but my cd's:)
  1.   yep i've had 1 b4 nd nope not rite now but im chill:)
  2.   im not rlly crushing on any1 now xcept Justin Bieber...hez my hubby jk! nd drake...hez like on 10 levels of hawtttness haha
  3.   nobodys perfect so he wud just have 2 b funny nd lyke meh for who i am...nd it wud help if he waz cute 2:]
  4.   Jbiebz=my love!lol,christian beadles,drake<3,adam lambert,trey songz,taylor lautner(he iz beyonddd hawt!),christofer drew(kinda!)
  1.   actor,singer,vet(cuz i love animals!!!),pediatrician
  2.   Santa Domingo
  3.   Dominican Republic
  4.   split it between college,family,animals okayyy id use sum 2:P
  5.   family first,"always be nice to your enemies, nothing annoys them more","u know ur a loser when u trash other ppl 2 make urself feel better about ur srry self",''hurt u?nah u? until forever. defend u?in a heartbeat.hate u? impossible","it takes more more muscles 2 frown than 2 smile...why overwork?","stay true 2 who u r<3"," cream"
  1.   night owl!hmm well idk actually cuz i go 2 bed late then wake up early!
  2.   i kno this wasn't an option but i'd rather have cookie dough!
  3.   righty!
  4.   depends on my mood...but maybe movieees
  5.   well idk i hate messy stuff but im too lazy to clean it:)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      laughing!oooh nd shopping cuz wen u shop u do alot of walking!
  2.   soccer,cheeleading
  3.   anything justin bieberrr=),california gurls-katy perry,love the way you lie-eminem nd rihanna,find your love-drake,rocketship to the moon-cobra starship,if i had you-adam lambert,dynamite-taio cruz,teenage dream-katy perry,take it off-ke$ha,money 2 blow-drake & birdman,ridin solo-jason derulo,letting go-sean kingston feat.nikki minaj,miss me-drake and lil wayne,bedrock-young money
  4.   Just do it babeee!!!<3
  5. Goal Girl
      be more athletic
  6.   be a better ice sk8ter!
  7.   Music,and inspirational ppl!
  8.   Rey Mysterio,Shawn Johnson
  9. Tasty Eats
      ice cream!lol okay well it iz if u pick the low fat 1's =D
  10.   DQ Blizzard! haha ...deff yummy!
  11.   eat fruit, listen to music nd if tht doesnt work i just eat it :)
  12.   any issues with ur friends...if i cnt help it im so srry=\
  13.   guys,clothes,ice skating,first day of school hair tips,skin tips
  14.   yeppp i got ya back!!<333
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