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dpreader's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Leo
  2.   Fun, Nerdy, Loyal
  3.   13
  4.   Green
  5.   2 little brothers
  6.   IDK
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math?
  2.   eat
  3.   volleyball (play) football (watch)
  4.   sleeping and playing volleyball games
  5.   owl
  6.   they love me (:
  7.   cheese
  8.   awkward moments
  9.   wisconsin with my famil
My Faves…
  1.   none
  2.   pitch perfect
  3.   u2 and imagine dragons
  4.   divergent
  5.   none
  6.   shailene woodley
Style Sense
  1.   idk
  2.   forever 21
  3.   uh...
  4.   hand lotion
  5.   purple converse
  1.   yeah, no
  2.   like -0.0000000001
  3.   smart, considerate, cute
  4.   zac efron
  1.   no comment
  2.   athens
  3.   europe
  4.   save it
  5.   it always seems impossible until it's done.
  1.   night owl.
  2.   depends.
  3.   righty.
  4.   either.
  5.   slob.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   volleyball.
  3.   5sos and u2
  4.   if it doesn't hurt it's not working.
  5. Tasty Eats
  6.   cakeeee.
  7.   eat unhealthy foods.
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