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fashion_freak<3's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   ~~~~ The Fashion Committee ~~~~
  2.   ***** Hello girlies, and welcome to The Fashion Committee! This is the place where all things fashion and beauty are discussed and all of your fashion probs are solved! Never again will you think, "Omg! What am I going to wear?!" *****
  3.   There are five board members in this club:
  4.   Me, The President..!
  5.   Our fabulous fashionista: americangirl750
  6.   Our awesome advice gal: blondih72
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Our blow-you-away beauty chica: choco63
  2.   And our precious publicity girly: lilmizzjo, speaking of which GET ADVERTISING, were loosig our oomph!
  3.   Every week, the Trends section will be updated, so check back every week for fab inspiration!
  4.   ~*~*~* Fashion Trends *~*~*~
  5.   1. A great idea for a summer-meets-fall vibe is a pair of cute summery cutoffs and flowy tank for a summer feel, mixed with some bright-colored tights, a thermal, booties, and a navy blue cardigan for the chillier fall weather. (thanks choco63)
  6.   2. TRENDS: military, lace, oversized cardis, Tights in any colour and pattern (sheer, sheer-polkadot, purple, opaque, lace, brown!), chunky sweaters, cropped sweaters, chunky necklaces and other accessories, stacked-heel boots, ankle booties, and satchels. These are all super-stylish for fall and winter, and can be found just about anywhere!
  7.   3. BF BLAZERS!. Boyfriend blazers are the ultimate peice for any season, pair with skinnies, a cute tee and booties for an effortlessly chic look. Add metalic accessorize for a little bit more!
  8.   4. Chunky Necklaces. They are this seasons statement piece and a total MUST HAVE.
  9.   5. Cropped sweaters. Looks super cute with a plain tank and shiny/liquid leggings and booties. Or just wear with dark wash skinnies. Add a chunky metalic necklace to accessorize!
My Faves…
  1.   ~*~*~* Beauty Trends *~*~*~
  2.   1. Maybelline flavored lipgloss. All the different flavours are ahmazing, and they smell great too!
  3.   2. Nail files. I know, I know, it sounds wierd, but all of a sudden there are super-colorful ones sprouting up everywhere!
  4.   3. Green eye shadow. Pair with black eyeliner and purple shadow for the corners of eyes for a mysterious look that guys just fall for.
  5.   4. Pencil eyeliner. Way less drama, and comes with a cute sharpener!
  6.   5. Red nail polish. Cherry polish is a simple, classic trend that will never go out of style. Essie has the best make!
Style Sense
  1.   ****** Anyone who wants to apply for a position just comment on my profile! I will send you an application. *******
  2.   Also, anyone who needs help with guys, friends, your bod, family, health, fitness, etc. feel free to comment! This club is not just about fashion but is open to discussions about any topic you want.
  3.   ~~~~~MODS~~~~~
  4.   I need mods!!!! Anyone who wants the position can have it!
  5.   Just comment: I want to be a mod! And the position's yours. We need as many as we can get!
  1.   Mods will:
  2.   Answer question that our other members couldn't get around to.
  3.   Publicity! Get the word out!
  4.   Come up with discussion topics.
  1.   All girls are welcome!
  2.   Remember: No question is too silly! We answer anything at all and if you're not happy with your advice, just post : Fashion_Freak<3 at the top of your post and I will answer the question personally.
  3.   A couple rules though (Mods will be enforcing):
  4.   No personal info.
  5.   No making rude comments. Everyone is welcome to ask whatever they want and nobody can make them feel bad for it.
  1.   I answer you on your profile, unless it's not public or you don't have one, in which case I answer the question here.
  2.   Please, board members and Mods do the same!
  3.   Spread the word!!!
  4.   Give me ideas for the Trends of the Week. I love hearing from you guys!
  5.   Have fun <3
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