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All About Me!
  1.   Virgo (August 30) I'm 14. 9th grade.
  2.   Way over active imagination, adventurous, talkative, weird, funny, creative, artistic, procrastinator. That was more than three words. :)
  3.   4!
  4.   Light blue and red. I also love all colors of the rainbow together though, it's very pretty!
  5.   20 year old Sister, Anna (Annie) <3
  6.   I seriously don't know.. You tell me. :) I'm 4'10 and thin, and no I'm not 7 like I'm constantly confused for. xD I have honey-gold choppy layered hair with side fringe, which I cut myself and nobody believes I did it myself (Except my mom. Hah.) I want to dye it cinnamon orange I think, though. I have startling blue green eyes and people always ask if I'm wearing contacts. I have a tsunami of freckles on my face. I wish I were 5 feet. Fun sized is the best, but it gets tiring when the first thing someone says, never fails, is something about my height. Yeah, thanks for the newsflash, kid! :3
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Photography and English
  2.   Homework. What can I say, I'm in high school. I love to write poetry and novels though. Have you heard of Figment?
  3.   I down hill ski and play hockey for fun, also tennis. I want to go skydiving and other extreme sports though. :D
  4.   Blowing up the amp, or talking in a really annoying baby voice to my kitty
  5.   Meow, meow, meow mew hiss! Purr..
  6.   Insane like me, and we are telepathic. Can talk to her about anything in the world, and doesn't question me. We love to do crazy things together! <3 She lives across the street from me.
  7.   My gluten free, dairy free blondies. I also like pears a lot. I have Celiac Disease. wah.
  8.   Anything art! I'm also good at making my friends laugh. :D
  9.   My lake house way over in Michigan (I live in Maine) or Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park or Sugarloaf ski resort.. or at my Cousin Maggie's place!! (her username is Maggie183)
My Faves…
  1.   American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Bang Theory, Castle. I don't watch much TV though. :) I mostly watch Youtube. I always watch Youtube. It's a magical place.
  2.   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!! Pt 1 and 2. ........... AVADA KADAVRA! Did I surprise you? muahaha!! I'M VOLDEMORT AND I HAVE NO NOSE
  3.   Green Day! All the way!
  4.   Elsewhere.. Go read it. NOW. GO!!
  5.   Hayley Williams!
Style Sense
  1.   Hayley Williams, awesomest style ever.
  2.   Hot Topic, babycakes, cocodecoeur, drop dead, pacsun, wet seal.
  3.   Vanilla Mint!!!!! OMG
  4.   Mascara, and I put on way too much I think. :)
  5.   Red skinny jeans. Arm warmers. Tights or leggings with shorts. Converse. I'm the trend setter, I wear something crazy and next week everyone else is wearing it! At first i was mad, and was like, HEY! THAT'S MAH MOJO! TAKE THAT OFF RIGHT NOW! But then I thought it was flattering. ;)
  1.   Well the one in second and third grade didn't really count.. But we were in love :') I had a more actual boyfriend at the beginning of sixth grade but we broke up the summer before high school..
  2.   NONE. It's weird, you know? I don't think I've never had a crush on someone.
  3.   A guy who is willing to give me a second chance, understands my eccentricities and doesn't care that I'm super tiny. A guy who I could really have fun with and be myself and who would be willing to go on adventures with me!
  4.   I'm tempted to say Billie Joe Armstrong, but I don't want to seem like a fangirl, because that's not why I love Green Day. But who can deny he is the hottest of the hot and the cutest of the cute? OH my gosh and Avril Lavinge is gorgeous.
  1.   Writer, Artist, Actress, Photographer.. the works. Or animal trainer.. Or a park ranger.. Something where I don't have to dress professional or go to an office. :) I'd hate being stuck inside all day staring at a computer screen.
  2.   Somewhere snowy in the winter but really nice in the summer.. like on a lake in Maine or Michigan. Or like on the coast in Maine right near a beach!:p Or maybe I should be really adventurous and go live in.. Bermuda!
  3.   Travelling to the most unseen places. The kind of places people go, wow you went there? about.
  4.   Probably put a bunch in saving for college and a car, and donate the rest to animal causes. Oh wait, a million?!!! Bye, I'm going to the mall! (with my bff)
  5.   Life is Short. Eat Dessert First!!
  1.   I'm more of an Afternoonnn kind of gurl.
  2.   CHOCOLATE though I do love vanilla ice cream
  3.   Righty! I also have Synesthesia.. which ROCKS (sound to taste, sound to color, number to color, letter to color, music to color, music to taste)
  4.   Movie theater!
  5.   Neither.. I'm like totally unorganized but SLOB just sounds gross.. like you have ketchup all over your shirt or something!!
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