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forever_young21's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   leo, but those things are silly. i do match it tho...
  2.   blonde hair blue eyes, fun-size, athletic, fun, crazy, i guess humorous?, drama-free..
  3.   21
  4.   glitter.! and blue-grayish color.
  5.   hilton nd kameron r my half bros, taylor is my full sister, jacquelyn nd cali r my half sisters, nd i have one step sister tht livs in holland nd one half bro ive never met. btw i only live with 3
  6.   julianne houghs, lauren conrad.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   probably social studies!
  2.   go to games, play sports, practice pitching, swim, hang out with friends (school is out for me ne ways)
  3.   i love to play softball, cheer, dance, volleyball, basketball, track, tennis, football, and love to watch football soccer and baseball
  4.   at the pool, with friends, shopping, texting, or talking to him (:
  5.   pandas or zebras
  6.   well theres too much to say about chloe, felicia, and airam. they've never let me down. sure we have our arguments.. but their the ones who have stuck with me thru everything.
  7.   corndogs, mike & ikes, italian food.
  8.   cheers, dances, recipes, friends
  9.   lake tahoe.
My Faves…
  1.   so u think u can dance, and jersey shore
  2.   tha hangover, the blind side, dear john, 17 again, twilight saga of course
  3.   drake, kanye west, katy perry, b.o.b, taylor swift, iyaz
  4.   the book of luke, sarah dessen books, and something like fate.
  5.   COD!
  6.   marilyn monroe.. (:
Style Sense
  1.   hollister models lol
  2.   love culture, american eagle, forever 21. and costco is really fun to mess around in :P
  3.   pink lemonade
  4.   lip gloss is all what i really need.
  5.   my flippy flops, my sweatshirts, and my short shorts. lol
  1.   yess and yess:D
  2.   uno
  3.   athletic, sweet, non-jerk, dedicated, christian,non-clingy, nice bod, and HOT(:, and ITALIAN haha
  4.   cristiano ronaldo and emmet from twilight.
  1.   marine bioligist, the cheif and editor of a big-time magazine, a chef, or a surgeon.
  2.   malibu or laguna beach, or florida
  3.   go to the carribeans with my friends.
  4.   update my closet, donate, give to my church, etc..
  5.   "dream as if you will live forever, live as if u would dye today," "well behaved girls rarely make history" "i hate when there is an awkward moment and i cant find a twix" " I wont mess with ur mind or play with ur heart, becuz im a real girl & finish what i start" "Its not my fault that wen i was a baby i was dropped in a box of glitter and been shining ever since(:""
  1.   night owl
  2.   vanilla.
  3.   righty!
  4.   depends who ur with. movie theater becuz its funny getting yelled at by the people actually trying to watch the movie (:
  5.   im orgranized, but i dont clean my room as much as i shouldd :P
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      stretching, running, or playing sports
  2.   softball (fav), cheer (fav), dance, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and football (tackle football, not sissy football!)
  3.   drake, drake, drake. lol
  4.   give it your all, try your best, push to as hard as you can, because you'll turn out to be a winner either way.
  5. Goal Girl
      learn the splits. and stop drinking soda, cuz it rots ur guts, eww
  6.   work on my pitching in softball
  7.   My#1 is God, then my grandpa, my sister, taylor, my granma, dad. mom, and my best friend felicia
  8.   jennie finch & LeBron James
  9. Tasty Eats
      trail mix
  10.   cheezombies. lol sounds weird but delish (;
  11.   eat a granola bar, there way better ne way.
  12.   boys is my specialty, but i have also been through drama and gossip, and rumors. just comment, and ill be happy to help!
  13.   getting fit.. im thin but i need some muscles!!
  14.   ya sure lol
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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