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All About Me!
  1.   Virgo!!!!!
  2.   Unique, loving, outgoing
  3.   10
  4.   Add white to turquoise..... Vwala!!! Soothing
  5.   A younger brother, Jack A.K.A TURD(that's his nickname... That only I call him) a step brother Dj, and a Step sister Aspen (I'm the oldest)
  6.   I have Taylor swifts nose
In A Nutshell...
  1.   My accelerated language arts class, Gym, and Art
  2.   Text my friends, iPod!! Track, VolleyBall, Spongebob!!!! And homework on X FACTOR/BIGGEST LOOSER nights (I do homework every night but Ihave to get it done before 7 on those days)
  3.   I love baseball!!! Watching it.... Not so mch! But I been to a game before!! The very front row!! And I caught a ball!!!! I love Volleyball and track as well
  4.   I do something with my friends over the weekend, mall sleepovers, etc. Once or twice a month I have a do nothing day. What you do is in the title and I LOVE IT!!! 
  5.   OMG I have a cat that acts like a dog! And he's fat!!! Hehehe I have a turtle too!! And I'm a duck lover!!!! And baby potbelly pigs!!!! Omg baby farm animals are the best!!!!
  6.   That I know she will always be there for me
  7.   Idk.... I love fruit and Mac and cheese from noodles and company (mmmmmm:)) and SUBWAY!!!!!! Delissssh!!
  8.   CAKE!!! I'm a baker!!! The next great baker!!! I LOVE U BUDDY!!!!
  9.   Maui, and Cali, I'd love to go to Italy or the beach and take pictures (love photography!)
My Faves…
  1.   X FACTOR, and Biggest Looser. My favorite reality shows, they are so entertaining!
  2.   Kung Fu Panda!!! That's the best movie EVER!!! (can't wait for the second one to come out on DVD!!) 
  3.   Anyone really, I like catchy songs to listen to that stick in my head all day
  4.   The Daughters (all three books) are great!!
  5.   Mario Kart  tee hee
  6.   Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEARLESS!!!
Style Sense
  1.   My friends, and your magazine!!!
  2.   Forever 21 and Areopostale. I also like Old navy.
  3.   I don't usually wear lipgloss I like chopstick!! Smarties flavor!!
  4.   I don't wear a lotta makeup. I would rather have people see my natural face :) so prob just foundation or mascara
  5.   My closet!!!!! Jk.... ;) prob my clothes!! I really want some white skinnies!'
  1.   No I wish!!! Im so likable!!! ;) but hey My horoscope sign has one coming up!!!!
  2.   One. Just one. I do not like to crush on more then one guy cuz then it gets complicated.... U know? And I usually stick with them for awhile. 
  3.   The kinda guy I like- Someone I can talk to and to and trust with all my life Someone who is nice and funny Someone who would be himself around me and I could be myself around him Someone who will love me for who I am nothing more, nothing less Someone who I know will be there for me Someone who goes out of their way to make me smile or cheer me up  Someone who will make me smile everytime I think of him Someone who will make me feel special in my darkest hour Someone who will call me when I hang up on him  Someone who will call me beatiful instead of hot or cute Someone who will stick by me no matter what  Someone who I can't wait to see again Someone who will no how much I love him Someone who will tell me everyday how much he loves me Someone who I can do everything for them that I want them to do for me
  4.   I don't crush on celebs (sowwy launter) I think my crushes are better!! ;)
  1.   I want to be a photographer soooo bad! And travel around the world taking pictures!!
  2.   Maui!! (have u ever had hawiaan pineapple???? The best ever!!!)
  3.   Maui (again!!) tee hee;)
  4.   Dontate 500,000 to charity right off the bat and the rest on a house and I would devolp a resteraunt
  5.   "There's no point in starting over when you can still win the game" QUOTE I WROTE JUST SAYIN'!!!!!
  1.   Def not morn person!!!!!! I like sleeping in but I won't stay up late if I have to wake up early
  2.   Vanilla ice-cream! Chocolate everything else!!! ;) well wait there's not a lot of vanilla.... Nvm. Lol  VANILLA!!!!!' 
  3.   Righty!!!!
  4.   Movie theater ( I get more into it at the movies)
  5.   I'd say a neat slob ;)
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      (run a mile bike 4-5 miles half a mile alpitcall and some arm cables)
  2.   Volleyball!!!!!!!!
  3.   Huh? Should I say all da songs on this playlist?? Just my face songs (but if I'm working out my work out playlist)
  4.   Fit not Fat and think happy thoughts ;) ;)
  5. Goal Girl
      To have leg muscles and arm muscles!! (I'm doin pretty good I can beat a lot of my friends in arm-wrestling!!)
  6.   What ever finiteness test I have to prepare for!!
  7.   My gym teacher. He's the best!!! I love him!!!
  8.   Micheal Jordan (I was named after him) And again my gym teacher he is amazing
  9. Tasty Eats
      Honey crisp apples!! (not a lot they make my braces fall apart!! :...( hehe or watermelon!! Or grapes'!!
  10.   This soup my mom makes.... (to die for!!!)
  11.   I drink water and chew gum and if I'm hungry I'll eat an apple (cuz they taste like laffy taffy!!!) so I just settle for something healthy!!!
  12.   Anything I promise u I been through it all!!!! :)
  13.   What's up with guys!!! U should help me with guys!!!!! :) like how to tel if they like me.... ;)
  14.   PUSH PUSH!!!!!!!! BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE (or as my gym teacher says play till ya puke!!!)
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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