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gibitron3000's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Aquarious... i dont belive in it though
  2.   Spontanious, Creative, Active, non-awkward (the bestestest trait EVER!), Funny, Freak
  3.   whatever my jersey is at the moment
  4.   teal!
  5.   two bros (garrett and brandon)
  6. one of a kind lol
In A Nutshell...
  1.   ummmmmmm................................................................none! well lunch i guess
  2.   DANCE!!!!!! soccer
  3.   DANCE!!!!!! soccer bball volleyball
  4.   DANCE!!!!! and soccer, hanging out with friends
  5.   i had an ant farm once...... I love dogs of course
  6.   well most of my friends are guys so they are B(G)FFs i guess... does that count? if so they are hilarious!!!!!
  7.   chicken pot pie, funnel cakes, NOODLES!
  8.   reconstructed t-shirts and bags EASY MAC!!!!!!!!!
  9.   Disneyworld!!!!
My Faves…
  1.   So you think you can dance and project runway
  2.   Alice in wonderland (i <3 both versions!!!)
  3.   sara bareilles, one republic, vitamin string quartet
  4.   none
  5.   none
  6.   tina fey or sandra bullock
Style Sense
  1.   im into asian cutesy styles but..idk im all over the place haha
  2.   express
  3.   burts bees chapstick
  4.   cover up!!!
  5.   cardigans, skinny jeans (all other jean make me look short haha cuz im 5'2" and my legs are really muscular :D)
  1.   ya and no
  2.   2 but one goes to another school and one has a ya
  3.   really fun, funny, outgoing idk really
  4.   ade (aday?) from sytycd <3 i love dancer dudes
  1.   dancing! inventing/designing stuff
  2.   idk... nowhere too busy and somewhere with lotsa nature and seasons... colorado sounds beautiful!!
  3.   italy!!
  4.   donate some, keep some, maybe buy a franchise!...ah if only....
  5.   whether you think you can or you cant, you are always going to be right! whoever said nothing is impossible never tried to slam a revolving door!
  1.   night owl...but im really productive in the morn
  2. a purist ;p
  3.   lefty!
  4.   theater!!
  5.   somewhere in between the 2 depends on the day
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      dancing and any sports or games
  2.   dance... i play soccer too but dance is crazy enough (i used to play vollyball and bball but our coaches SUCK)
  3.   haha i dont get the question... if they mean music i love listening to people on youtube I <3 jaaaaaaa
  4.   put your mind outside of the workout... it'll be less painful :)
  5. Goal Girl
      stay healthy and eat better foods
  6.   splits for dancceeeeeeeeccce
  7.   dancers i look up to... and my bro he works so hard
  8.   this one guy that went to our studio and is going to college now... he is amazing when he dances
  9. Tasty Eats
      apples and peanut butter
  10.   peanut butter meatballs
  11.   most of the time eat it! (ik,ik, im bad)
  12.   guys, dance, health & fitness, crafts, fashion, anything ill try my best
  13.   :) how to make my mom like my bfs haha really watever i need at the moment
  14.   yes
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