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girl4life333's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Musical, Outgoing, Funny
  2.   11, I love 11:11
  3.   Lavender! I love everything in this color
  4.   Three sisters, Jessica, Veronica, and Tanya, and also my friends are like sisters
  5.   I reallly dont thing I have one...but some people say Ziva from NCIS
In A Nutshell...
  1.   English, cant get enough of reading
  2.   Read, sing, dance, anything really.
  3.   Volleyball all the way. i dont like any other sport
  4.   On the computer, and watching Gossip Girl
  5.   I love pandas, so adorable
  6.   I have tons of them, but I love that they are always there for me
  7.   Sushi!! I hated it, but then i found myself craving it, and now we're in love!
  8.   Cereal. I can put just the right amount of milk.
  9.   Not sure...I havent been to a lot of places.
My Faves…
  1.   Glee!! Vampire Diares, and Gossip Girl.
  2.   What Love Is. Its soooo romantic, and im a sucker for romance
  3.   Umm....I really love Lea Michele. I hope to sing as well as her someday.
  4.   Wayy to hard of a question. I have tons!
  5.   Sims 3. My dad just recently took the computer though. I was addicted so, going cold turkey now
  6.   As I said before, LEA MICHELE!!
Style Sense
  1.   WWell......im not big on fashion...but Quinn in Glee deff has some styles I wish i could pull off
  2.   Delias alll the way. I fell like it was made just for me
  3.   Blahhhh...i eat too many strawberries to have lipgloss
  4.   Gel!! Even though I know its not makeup
  5.   I have this sequin jacket that i love but never wear....but it means a lot so i need it!
  1.   Yes, I have. But im single now. Lol they're not important right now.
  2.   Two. But im not giving any names......
  3.   A guy who likes what I like, who loves me for who I am, and doesnt give in to what other people want him to be,
  4.   Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl and Damon in Vampire Diarees
  1.   I reallly want to be on brodway!
  2.   New York is my only way to get there!
  3.   Brazil! Just because.
  4.   Hire someone to pack up my house! And move my mom and I to a nicer one
  5.   Dare to be great
  1.   Night Owl Deffinatly
  2.   Chocolate. Vanilla is way too plain
  3.   Righty. Tried with my left hand, not so great.
  4.   Hmm...depends on the movie
  5.   In the middle. Slob in my house, neat freak everyone else
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Working on my Abs
  2.   Volleyball as I said
  3.   Meh, little bit of everything
  4.   Pushups are everything
  5. Goal Girl
      Flat stomach, its all I want
  6.   Stomach, again
  7.   Girslife, I just have to come on here and im determined again
  8.   Dont have one
  9. Tasty Eats
      Apples and penutbutter...yum!
  10.   Staying motivated, i need some people to workout with me!!
  11.   Yes!
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