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guitargirlx3x's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Gemini
  2.   Bubbly, Funny, Awesome
  3.   12 (but I found a website that finds your lucky number for you and it was 9) lol
  4.   lime green
  5.   none but I wish I had bros and sis'
  6.   idk maybe Jessica Stroup..?? and also kind of Kristen Stewart
In A Nutshell...
  1.   English
  2.   Sports (dance)
  3.   watch: basketball play: soccer/dance
  4.   A dance rehearsals or just hanging out at home or doing fun stuff with mom. I'm usually out and about. =]
  5.   I luve dogs!!!!!! Especially golden retrievers!!!! But I also love dolphins and frogs!!! (and cats) haha
  6.   She keeps me sensible!! I can ask her anything and she is an advice machine!! [and a fund of knowledge!!] hehe
  7.   I have many: chicken teryaki, ice cream, mostly anything sweet, corned beef, pickles, & lots of other stuff... oh!!!! I can't forget mashed potatoes!!! (:
  8.   Brownies and chocolate chip cookies! Mostly dessert things but I can make simple things for dinner, too!
  9.   MAINE!!!!! (ME)
My Faves…
  1.   Dancing With the Stars, FRIENDS, and many others. I don't really get to watch TV too much thought, because I'm really bizzzy with dance!! =)
  2.   The Parent Trap, but I like to watch movies over and over again for basically every movie!!! lol
  3.   Green Day [and Paramore] I also have a lot of Taylor Swift but I'm not her #1 fan! lol
  4.   I absolutely hate reading books multiple times, and I read really fast so I do put them down fairly often!! haha lol but I love Twilight and the Gilda Joyce Series! I just love books, though so I like so many of them!
  5.   Wii Sports: Tennis [and bowlign but mostly tennis lol]
  6.   hmmm.... I love Jennifer Aniston but I honestly can't think of how many girrrls I luv!! loil
Style Sense
  1.   I don't really hav 1 cuz I like my own stuff, but I do get inspired by a lot of pictures in magazines.
  2.   So many: Delias, Pacsun, any clothing thrift stores, closeout brand name stores, Aeropostale, American Eagle, HOLLISTER CO, Abercrombie, A&F, Zoo York, and many, many others!!! SHOES!!!
  3.   mayble lipgloss but I love all makeup, I have so much, but I lyk, never wear it!! lol I LUV eyeshadow- for the color and I love nail polish for that reason too. I also LUVVVV eyeliner!!lol [and colored mascara] hehe
  4.   t-shirts and sweatjackets oh.. and Shoes!!! and flip flops and converse... and... oh i could go on forever! lol
  1.   Well not really with all the complicated stuff. Like, not a real relationship or the title or anything, but I kinda had a few. DONT ASK!! lol
  2.   1 1/2 (lol i kno tht sounsd bad!!) lol
  3.   uhhh... cya l8r lol I'm not the guy talking type! lol unless i really really lyk them!! ha =}
  4.   Chad Michael Murray >> basically all the hot/cute guys! lol
  1.   choreogropher and pro prima ballerina but i rlly luv soccer so i wanna be a pro soccer player too but i also luv animals so I'd luv to be a vet but I dont like whats involved.. the med part lol
  2.   idk i dont really hav one... yet
  3.   uhh... Ireland and Germany and Australia
  4.   SHOP! lol
  5.   uh... basically adding ish to everythign and "ish" the word for explaining stuff and "AWESOME!!" lol
  1.   night owl! lol
  2.   chocolate baby! lol
  3.   righty for writing but for everything else I'm pretty much a lefty! lol
  4.   i dont rlly care lol
  5.   both lol
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