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haliebabe's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   sagittarius -/->
  2.   book nerd, drama geek, lovable dork
  3.   555 or 15, sometimes 20
  4.   im drawn to subtle, deep, and dusty colors with the exception of a handful of brights and neutrals
  5.   1 little sis and tons of sisters god forgot to give me (luv u guys! miss u!)
  6.   um cross between selena and demi?
In A Nutshell...
  1.   art or drama club or english or creative writing or yearbook or photography
  2.   hw and unwind after crazy days!
  3.   soccer (play), horse racing (watch), DANCE (technically an art but arguably a sport too!)(both)
  4.   mostly relaxing and running errands w my mom or hanging out w friends
  5.   the best orange cat ever, Milo! <3333
  6.   we have so much in common and she understands me
  7.   you can add foodie to that list up top lol im not too adventurous but i like a lot!
  8.   art, writing, crafts, sewing, cooking/baking, etc.
  9.   somewhere i can shop, relax, and feel inspired
My Faves…
  1.   SYTYCD, antm, project runway, glee, say yes to the dress, cupcake wars, pretty little liars, chloe king, the glee project
  2.   the list goes on and on (but no horror/dumb/blow-things-up movies)
  3.   this list is bigger than the movie list! (but i'm not a fan of rap or hard metal/screamo...)
  4.   i love books! i get my frequent flyer miles at the library and im a huge fan of the online catalogue!
  5.   ummm not much of a video game person... but im always watching my sister play mario on the wii
  6.   hmm power to the ladies! I have a lot of female idols! :)
Style Sense
  1.   emma watson**, selena, demi, miley, taylor, lauren conrad :)
  2.   modcloth, urban outfitters, aerie, h&m, american eagle outfitters
  3.   vanilla mint? or maybe something tropical? depends on my mood
  4.   dark but lightly applied eyeliner! i love to play up my eyes <3
  5.   dark denim skinny jeans
  1.   nope to both, revelling in the single life! (and waiting to like someone i can actually have)
  2.   1, you kno wat its like to watch someone you like love someone else?
  3.   hmm... a gentleman with charm, charisma, and can make me laugh
  4.   hmmm... good question lol
  1.   photojournalism, actress! (Katniss/Hermione-type characters particularly)
  2.   ny (I <3 NY!! Miss you!), maybe navy pier chicago, LA or cali maybe..., potentially in the horse part of lexington...italy seems nice lol england seems amazing, ireland looks beautiful! hmmm I want to travel!
  3.   england? paris? milan? ireland? italy? or maybe a european cruise!
  4.   be rich! lol jk i have sooo many dreams i could fulfill!
  5.   i have a bulletin board full of quotes and sayings... I cant just pick one!
  1.   morning but occasionally night
  2.   vanilla but depends on the quality and what exactly im eating (wow ig im a tad picky lol)
  3.   Righty
  4.   theater but dvds on cozy occasions
  5.   neat freak on my better days
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      dance especially or the bike but really anything that motivates me to feel good when im done!
  2.   soccer or dance (again, is technically an art but arguable a sport too!) or tennis or swimming
  3.   lil bit o everything... i love music!
  4.   those who reach touch the stars! ~miss stacey, DDA
  5. Goal Girl
      to lose some weight, to tone up
  6.   shaping up in general mostly core and legs...and arms and, shaping up in general!
  7.   my dreams, celebs and clothes
  8.   dancers in general, ordinary people who are just really healthy
  9. Tasty Eats
      yogurt or salad
  10.   chicken cuban sandwiches
  11.   usually eat it and then feel guilty after
  12.   anything! im a great listener and smart about advice
  13.   motivation tips and tips for eating healthier
  14.   sure! that'd be great :) (id need someone to push me... potentially make a competition?)
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