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i<3auburn22's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   libra (september 26th)
  2.   fun outgoing loud and a redneck (a dumb blonde who doesn't know how to count to 3)
  3.   22 always and forever (its also my crush's football and baseball number!)
  4.   turquoise blue (the color of my eyes)
  5.   i am a triplet-sister is gabby and brother is jacob i love them so much they are my best friends
  6.   shailene woodley (off of the secret life of the american teenger) i don't see the connection but thats what all my friends say so what the hay!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math (i know i'm a geek because i understand math)
  2.   ride my four wheeler or hang with friends
  3.   i love to play and watch football with my cousins and uncle (my uncle was a pro and college football player)
  4.   hanging out with my friend/cousins or sometimes (well most of the time) flirting with my crushes
  5.   i love zebras but my favorite pet is my dog molly (gotta love dogs!)
  6.   SHE can keep a secret even the juicy i ones (well most of the time) and HE is always there for me, even the girl talk :)
  7.   pizza all the way
  8.   cookies (well technically i don't make them i just eat all the dough)
  9.   the beach :)
My Faves…
  1.   lost (WHY did charlie die?? he was my favorite!!)
  2.   the proposal and mama mia and 27 dresses and sweet home alabama (love those chick flicks) and john tucker must die and ALL the harry potter movies. im obsessed
  3.   taylor swift (OMG she is so awesome) # brad paisley # tim mcgraw # rascal flatts # dierks bently # miranda lambert # and THE CARTER TWINS AHHHHHH THERE AMAZING :)
  4.   twilight series (just like every other teenage girl in the world, I LOVE EDWARD!!) and the harry potter series (they are even better than twilight!)
  5.   guitar hero (easy level still)
  6.   taylor swift (she's the BOMB!!!!)
Style Sense
  1.   taylor swift love them cowboy boots :)
  2.   abercrombie & fitch and hollister
  3.   mint or kiwi-strawberry
  4.   mascara for my poor super long blonde lashes
  5.   my cowboy boots :) im a southern girl
  1.   yes and no
  2.   2 :)
  3.   Someone who thinks im beautiful not HOT. Someone who loves me for me and reminds me of that all the time. Someone who is sweet. Someone who can't stay mad at me. Someone who can talk about anything to me and not be scared of what i will think. Someone who lets me cry in front of them, and someone who cries because i cry. Someone who will kick someone elses butt because they were mean to me. Someone who loves just being with me. Someone who will kiss me in front of his friends. Someone who is tall enough that he can lay his chin on my head. Someone who will just hold me tight and never let go. Someone who lets me chase my dreams and who helps me catch them. Someone who will run away with you and who will take care of you no matter what life throws at you.
  4.   ryan sheckler (HE'S SOOOO HOTT)
  1.   interior designer (for beach houses) or photographer
  2.   anywhere in california (or on the beach)
  3.   greek islands just like in mama mia!
  4.   go shopping and to the beach
  5.   *like a roller coaster, life is full of ups and downs. you can't do anything about that so you might as well enjoy the ride # meet ya'll at walmart # rules aren't made unless they are meant to be broken # when life gives you lemons, throw them back and demand a cowboy # shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars # its better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you aint # i don't fall for pick up lines...only pick up TRUCKS # if you're life sucks, you suck! # be above average!
  1.   night owl i get SUPER cranky in the morning
  2.   vanilla chocolate is too rich for me (plus i get really hyper when i eat it but don't tell my mom or she'll stop giving me chocolate)
  3.   righty
  4.   movie theater (suround sound.... ooooh la la!)
  5.   slob mostly but i have those moments where i freak out because i can't see the floor and then i go and clean and organize my whole room!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      going to tumbling or running track
  2.   track with my best friends gabby and jacob and tumbling and football *with all those hott guys ;)*
  3.   something upbeat to get me going which can be really difficult
  4.   always run to music
  5. Goal Girl
      get ready for high school cheerleading
  6.   perfecting my round-off back-handspring
  7.   a big bear chasing me!.......... or my bro when he gets home from football (he stinks!!!!)
  8.   Michael Phelps :)
  9. Tasty Eats
      kiwi yummi :)
  10.   pesto pasta (its really good you should try it!)
  11.   drink a healthy smoothie or eat some gum
  12.   anything, really i am an expert on everything :)
  13.   nuttin right now
  14.   sure if you want to
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