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All About Me!
  1.   Hey! thanks for coming to my profile! scroll down to see daily/weekly style and beauty updates!
  2.   Outfit of the week:a flowy floral top, dark wash denim shorts, jeweled flip flops, and a vera bradley bag
  3.   must have clothing peice for this spring: a floral spring dress! flowery patterns are in, and so are cute knee length dresses!
  4.   Colors that are in this spring: torquois, red, coral, violet, pale yellow, bright blue,and forest green
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Spring Make-up!
  2.   its spring and that means bright make up colors, heres whats in: bright blues, greens, and yellows
  3.   eye shadow colors that look good with brown eyes: Greens, champagnes, bronzes, golds, browns and blues
  4.   blue eyes: If you have blue eyes, wearing blue eyeshadow makes your eyes look duller. otherwise, any color looks good!
  5.   green/hazel: deep purples, browns, especially chocolate tones, They have such a wide color range from turqouise to chartreuse to forest green to bright light green and on and on
  6.   Lip glosses!
  7.   Bright pink lipgloss is gorgeous on anyone, so if you dont own it, i suggest getting it! go to bath and body and they have many different shades for around $7
  8.   A good moisturizing lip gloss is called "lemon" its clear and shiny, it can also be found at bath and body for about $7.50
  9.   Mascara: the longer and darker your eyelashes the better! there are sooo many types of mascares; lengtheing, volumizing, darkening, etc. the main important ones are those three tho. mascara is rather expensive, but if you get a cheap brand it will most likely be clumpy in stuff. the most inexpensive brand that i have tried and has worked was called "bad gal lash" for $10 bucks at sephora.
My Faves…
  1.   Hair
  2.   whats in style? of coarse BEACHY WAVES! still dont know how to do them? read below...
  3.   everyone says to do two braids, but i dont reconmend that because then it only gets the bottom half of your hair wavy. I suggest doing one french braid, then you get allll of your hair wavy, and it gives alot of volume. so find someone in your house and ask them to learn how to french braid so they can do your hair
  4.   What to do: wait till your hair is barely damp after your evening shower, have someone french braid it.sleep with it in. when you wake up the braid should not be wet, if it is blowdry the braid BEFORE you take it out. when you take it out, put some product on your hands and run them tru ur hair. if you think your hair is to wavy, then take a straightener and run it thru a couple sections of your hair REALLY fast so thet it just straightens it out a lil. then add some hair spray and TADA!
Style Sense
  1.   Jewelry!
  2.   Forever21 has tons of adorable jewelry
  3.   Whats in style?: anything diamony! big diamondy rings, and earings, an pretty neckalaces
  4.   jewelery with peace signs are cool too!
  1.   Random!:
  2.   THE BEST shampoo for all hair types is definently Aussie... it smells good, it keeps your hair helathy and keeps it form drying out and getting split ends. it volumizes, and makes hair soft, smooth and shiny, and prevents breakage
  3.   Me and my friends absolute favorite scent: Viva la Juicy! you can buy a viva la juicy rollerball at Sephora for $16. its kinda expensive, but sooo worth it! everyone tells me that i smell soooo good! rub the roller ball on your wrists (so whenever you reach for something, or shake someones hand they smell it) and on your neck or behind your ears (so when you give someone a hug they smell it) i have even had boys comment on how good i smelled!
  1.   Thanks for reading! i will be updating often, and posting other things in the comment section! so keep coming back, and feel free to ask questions and i will answer them on your profile!
  2.   also feel free to leave advice about boys (i need all the advice i can get!)
  3.   feel free to talk about tay-swift cuz i love her!
  4.   lastly, if u have a question just ask! i will answer on ur profile, if your profile is privet, i will answer here
  5.   *srry for any misspellings, i type to fast for my own good, haha ♥♥♥
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