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iLiKe2moveIt!'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   libra :D
  2.   creativelyAADmoments, hilarious crazy party girl who loves to dances and hearts her besties (can't describe myself in three words)very athletic and pure awesome:), girly and talkative and very fashionista-ish, good listener, haha, trustworthy, good teacher, funny, amazing?
  3.   7
  4.   copper, black, and white... go longhorns :D
  5.   little brother
  6.   tyra banks,ciara, and rihanna blend
In A Nutshell...
  1.   performing arts and english, and P.E....and LUNCH! and Spanish
  2.   dance. jazz, hip-hop, ballet, and color guard
  3.   football, basketball, i love 2 cheer
  4.   a dance competition, playing the wii, at the mall with my besties, at a marching competition
  5.   majic (pitbull)
  6.   he is also my bf :)
  7.   pizza. hands down. and i luv five dollar footlongs!!
  8.   deviled eggs, yum!
  9.   chicago bc i luv my cousins <3
My Faves…
  1.   family matters, jersey shore, dance moms,, spongebob, monsters inside me, victorious, sonny with a chance, america's got talent, american idol, so you think u can dance, dancing with the stars, everybody hates chris, the office, george lopez, bridezillas, iron chef america, family guy (I LOVE STEWIE GRIFFIN), bad girls club miami
  2.   karate kid, bring it on (all of them), step up 2: the streets, fame, the proposal, get smart, lie to me, toy story 3.... i still cant believe i fell asleep watchin salt :P IN THE THEATERS!
  3.   taio cruz, usher, t.i., ludacris, pink, bep, etc. EMINEM
  4.   psssh, idk! :) but if i had to pick, the ashleys by melissa de la cruz....i also love sarah dessen and lauren myracle and yes, jodi picoult!! ooo and diary of a wimpy kid
  5.   boogie superstar, streets of rage, ascs 2, mortal kombat, supermario, mario galaxy, and mario cart, halo 3, halo reach, modern warfare 2 ...
  6.   ciara, sandra bullock, betty white, alicia keys
Style Sense
  1.   victoria justice, selena gomez, emma roberts, leighton meester
  2.   579, hollister, NIKE, charlotte russe, victoria secret, H & M, abrecombie and fitch, aeropostale, old navy, rue21, forever 21
  3.   strawberry mango, yumm : ) also coca-cola/dr. pepper
  4.   ? just a purse full of chapstick and lip gloss
  5.   boots!! and tank tops and shorts duhhhh...also my summer t-shirts
  1.   yes and yes :o
  2.   just one :)
  3.   a guy that accepts me for me
  4.   none. muahahaha
  1.   to run dance academy in ATL... dancer, singer, actress...can i PLEASE be on the cover of GL? I wanna be a STAR! haha get me on seventeen and people 2, and I wanna go to julliard or harvard
  2.   Hollywood or honolulu, my birthplace...maybe NYC!!
  3.   hawaii or carribean, hot guys and hot beaches!
  4.   buy that academy! go shopping and buy a cute corvette or porsche or lamborghini
  5.   give a 110% and a little bit more/everyone who's wasting their time wondering y im the way i am will only end up failures, love is not a feeling but a decision, etc....
  1.   night owl, and morning i tink i have insomnia anyways! i only need like an hour of sleep...
  2.   chocolate all day!! except i used to LOVE vanilla...dont get me wrong i still do!!
  3.   to the right >> !!
  4.   DVD :) in my bedroom slippers but theaters r coool 2...except i have one at home so yah! hahaha
  5.   depends on my mood. mostly both..but if i get annoyed with all my junk then its time to go into housekeeping mode
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      dancing! burns calories, and i like running too
  2.   football?
  3.   uh....
  4.   never give up :D
  5. Goal Girl
      to run 2 miles each day for the rest of the year
  6.   my legs and abs
  7.   music, dance, flags and dance studios
  8.   tony czar, nick demoura, kyle hanagami, (these r choreographers), ashley bourder, ask la cour, jamie taylor, dena a.
  9. Tasty Eats
      supreme salad, yum
  10.   deviled eggs! easy and quick
  11.   pig out on chips ahoy then go choreograph
  12.   dudes, fashion, friends, family, school, sports, career, periods, fitness anything !!
  13.   entreprenuership...not much, actually....
  14.   yes :x
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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